The Benefits of Flat Fee MLS Listings

Home sellers today have multiple options for listing their homes for sale and in the current economy, many are opting to go the route of ‘For Sale by Owner’, more commonly coined as ‘FSBO.’ While employing the FSBO sales method may be cost-efficient, there are also limitations that one does not face when employing a […]

NAR – For Sale by Owner – "SCARE TACTICS"

Don’t sell your home FSBO – you will be robbed, raped or god forbid – worse. The NAR has been promoting this fear mongering for years. Here is a direct quote from a “Realtor” Ezine article (please note – the author refers to himself as a “Seasoned Real Estate Broker”) titled “NAR(r) Broker Will Swear […]

Tips for Selling Your Year-Old RV

Buying an RV often involves painstaking research, and despite all those hard done investigations, you may want to sell it after a while. How to sell your RV without taking a hit due to steep depreciation in the second-hand RV market? The question is enough to give you sleepless nights, but you are not alone […]

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