London Property For Sale By Owner

Though the storm clouds appear to be gathering, it may be just the time to take advantage and sell. Firstly, you may be wanting to leave the City for a place in the country In this scenario, you have a family home, which you have owned for five years, or more. You have built-up equity […]

For Sale By Owner

The “for sale by owner “terminology involves a process in real estate dealings where the property transaction is done by the buyer and the seller without any middle man. Usually, real estate deals whether outright sales or for rental purposes invariably have the middle man or the real estate agent or broker and it is […]

Guidelines to Start a Short Sale in Real Estate

Sales are one of essential tools of business and commercial organizations to increase their revenues. It is principle activity involved in selling of products or services in return for money or some other compensation. There are various sales techniques used in this process. These are: • Selling technique • Consulting selling • Sales enablement • […]

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