The Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Working with FSBOs: The Undisputed “How-To” Guidebook for LEARNING how to LIST and SELL More FSBO’s

The Real Estate Agent's Guide to Working with FSBOs: The Undisputed

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“The Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Working with FSBO’s” is a “Must Have” Learning Tool for any Success Minded Real Estate Agent or Broker that’s sincerely interested in profitably expanding their existing real estate business. The entire FSBO Process has been skillfully broken down into six easy-to-follow and easy-to-apply learning lessons that will absolutely deliver results for any agent. Here’s what you’ll learn in this book: * WHAT to say to FSBOS — HOW to say it, WHEN and WHY * HOW to OVERCOME the most COMMON FSBO Obstacles and Objections * HOW TO completely ELIMINATE the RISK of REJECTION from any FSBO * KEYS to STEERING CLEAR of VIOLATING the Do-Not-Call Registry * An Easy-to-Follow process to OVERCOME your CALL RELUCTANCE * WHEN is the BEST time of day to CALL For Sale by Owners * THE Three Critical Phases of a SUCCESSFUL FSBO Appointment * INSIDE SECRETS for Building Instant Rapport with nearly every FSBO If you’re serious about learning what it takes to be a top income producer in the real estate business then this book is for you.

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