Finding the Best Real Estate Agent

It is imperative to find a good real estate agent in order to make the transaction process smooth and hassle free. It is not necessary that the largest amount of brokerage fee would necessarily fetch you the best real estate agent. Rather, the best real estate agent would be an experienced professional who would understand […]

FSBO Sales & MLS Listings

Traditionally one of the major drawbacks to FSBO selling is the fact that the home was listed with the MLS listing service, thereby mission out on a huge market and a top-notch advertising opportunity. well, this is no longer the case! Now people who have chosen to sell their homes themselves have the chance to […]

FSBO, Real Estate Agent, or Both?

When you decide to sell your home you should consider your options. The traditional method of using a real estate agent is the safe route but can be expensive. The for-sale-by-owner or FSBO method can save you thousands of dollars but might be more work than you expect. Let's look at the two methods in […]

Why You Should Use A REALTOR

When either a homeowner decides to sell his home, or a buyer determines he’s ready to acquire one, there are a few preliminary, early decisions to be made. The first is whether to use a real estate professional, or try to do it himself. The second is, if he decided to hire an agent, is […]

Some For Sale By Owner Guidelines

Selling your home via the FSBO method has some particular areas of concern for the home owner that should be understood before the sale process begins. When selling your home yourself you are essentially un-insulated from the potential buyers. In using a realtor there is a intermediary working between the two parties and that is […]

Selling FSBO – Is It Your Cup Of Tea?

As equities increase in today's housing prices, more and more owners are deciding to sell "fsbo" to save on the commission and also to have more control over the selling process. If you have never sold "fsbo" before it can be challenging and also rewarding. Giving it a try for 4 weeks should be enough […]

Short Selling Your Home

Phone: 06227-399170 Mobile: 0176-2116-9990 eMail: Internet: Though many people are not overly familiar with the term, "short selling" has been around for a long time. Basically, short selling one's home means they're willing to sell the home for less than what it's worth. There are two main reasons someone would want to do […]

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