For Sale By Owner

Jetzt kaufen McKenzie Forsberg is headed home. She’s quit her big-city job to return to her roots in the small town of Lake Forest. Kenzi hopes to buy her childhood home from her brother, Tom, as a way of revisiting the peace and security she’s been missing in her life. But soon she is shocked […]

The Path To Home Ownership: Your Path Is Just A Few Short Steps Away!

Jetzt kaufen Still dreaming of owning your own home, but afraid you won’t qualify? Wondering how to buy a house with non-traditional methods? You are not alone. There are more than 100 million families in America that don’t own their own home. Nearly 80% of Americans cannot qualify for a traditional bank loan. This presents […]

Flat Fee MLS vs FSBO

Lets face it there is only one reason to sell your own home – to save money. The decision to sell your property by owner allows the homeowner a "potential" savings of 6% in real estate fees. The average home in USA last year was approximately $ 270,000 so the "potential" savings is over $ […]

FSBO Sales & MLS Listings

Traditionally one of the major drawbacks to FSBO selling is the fact that the home was listed with the MLS listing service, thereby mission out on a huge market and a top-notch advertising opportunity. Well, this is no longer the case! Now people who have chosen to sell their homes themselves have the chance to […]

Master Lock 5400D Select Access Key Storage Box with Set-Your-Own Combination Lock, 13/32-Diameter Shackle, 1-Pack

Jetzt kaufen Key storage lock with shackle holds over 5 house, car or padlock keys, 4 dial resettable combination provides simple, set your own combination convenience, key storage door pivots open smoothly & remains attached to lock body for convenient operation, reinforced body withstands hammering & sawing, shutter door provides enhanced weather resistance, molded bumper […]

Why Should You Use A Realtor

We all want to save a few bucks when we can. But there are times when scrimping is not worth it and in the end, it could cost your more than you can save. Hiring a Realtor® is one of those times when it is not wise to scrimp. When the stakes are high, as […]

FSBO: For Sale By Owners Chapter Three

The obnoxious guy in the crowded airline seat next to her wouldn’t shut up, keep his eyes off her legs, or quit drinking screwdrivers. Brook Best decided to give him a treat. Slowly, deliberately, she raised one tanned leg, allowing it to fall invitingly across the other. His eyes leaped. He nearly dropped his drink: […]

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