Quick Tips For Selling Your Home

Ever wondered why some houses seem to be the centers of attraction within a short time of being on the market and why some garner no interest at all? So how come some homes get sold quickly and some take a lot of time. Basically it all depends on how ready your home is to […]

Staging and Open Houses – FSBO

When selling your home yourself you need as many advantages as possible. Without a doubt you will be fighting an uphill battle in the advertising department as realtors typically have large budgets to spend on the advertising of homes. So it stands to reason that your home needs to stand out in other ways in […]

For Sale by Owner Checklist – Things to Think About When Listing Your Home FSBO

For Sale By Owner – General Checklist for Residential Purchase & Sale Transactions Buying or selling real estate is an important legal transaction. The information provided is intended to provide you with general information about the basic steps involved in buying and selling residential property, but does not attempt to provide legal advice. Prospective buyers […]

Florida Ranks Highest In FSBO Market

It's no surprise that Florida tops yet another category of the drowning real estate market among foreclosures. With sixty-seven counties in the state known for its sunshine, Florida is one of the top places for another type of real estate, FSBOs. As Florida's market increases, homeowners are finding other ways to buy or sell real […]

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