How To Make Short Sale Work For You

The idea of ​​a short sale may not be that short after all. A short sale is termed as such, because the mortgage company or the lender is willing to sell the home "short" of the total loan amount owed on the home. This process is not accepted or allowed by every lender, but for […]

Selling Your Own Home Online

Nearly 80% of those who bought a house last year started their search online. If you’re selling your own home, an online For Sale By Owner (FSBO) site is nearly a must. According to realtors, most people who browse FSBO sites will view at least one house that they first saw online – and about […]

Selling FSBO – Is It Your Cup Of Tea?

As equity increase in today's housing prices, more and more owners are deciding to sell "fsbo" to save on the commission and also to have more control over the selling process. If you have never sold "fsbo" before it can be challenging and also rewarding. Giving it a try for 4 weeks should be enough […]

FSBO, Not a Good For the Current Economy

Many are selling their property today. However, there are very few buyers. Although the economy is showing signs of progress, it has not reclaimed fully yet. Since the industry is not yet doing well, many believe that it would be best to try the FSBO. With this, they do not need to pay any sales […]

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