Tips For Selling Your Own House

Not everyone is willing to use a real estate agent, since they do take a commission, usually around 7%. That means, by selling your own home, you'll end up with upwards of $ 10,000 that would have gone to an agent. And given today's slow market there is a very real chance your home will […]

12 Good Reasons Not To Sell By Owner

Some people groan at the thought of a Realtor telling you not to sell your OWN HOME. Some Realtors have a reputation of being as classy as the stereotypical used car salesman- and many believe that Realtors are paid thousands of dollars just to stick a sign in your yard. Consider this … do you […]

Find Homes For Sale by Owner

For Sale By Owner or FSBO has long been an option that many people look into when it is time to sell their home. They do so for a variety of reasons. However, usually it is simply because they are trying to save the expense of hiring a real estate agent. Ideally, this means that […]

List By Owner On The MLS

For years, extremely knowledgeable home sellers, people like commercial real estate agents, real estate attorneys, and former residential agents would contact their friends in the residential real estate business, asking them to cut a deal. "Just put me in the Multiple Listing Service (back then it might have been referred to as the Multi-List) for […]

Why Both Buyers And Sellers Should Use A REALTOR

Whether you are considering buying, or selling a home, one of your first, and often, most important decisions, is selecting the best agent, to represent you. Buyers can either use an agent, as a Buyer Representative (or Buyer's Agent), while homeowners will create a relationship, with a Listing Agent. The first decision is to avoid, […]

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