Selling Property without A Real Estate Agent

I am going to sell my property without an agent. This refrain is being heard more and more these days as the Internet and real estate market evolves beyond the realtor-based transaction. FSBO is an acronym meaning for sale by owner. The advantages of selling as a FSBO are numerous. With real estate commissions of […]

Homes for Sale by Owner

Homes sold by owners are advantageous for both the seller and buyer. If the house that is put up for sale sells for $200,000, for example, and the common commission rate ranges up to six percent of the selling price, then both the buyer and seller can save $12,000 – money that would have been […]

Secrets of How to Sell a House by Owner

When it comes to selling your house by owner, it can be confusing. Which forms to use. How to market it to get people to find you. Even how to take care of the closing and recordings. However, there is one overlooked part of selling most folks don’t think enough about. Financing. This is how […]

How To Become A BETTER Real Estate Agent?

Whether you are a real estate agent, or, if you are considering, either, buying or selling real property, wouldn’t everyone be, best – served, by an individual, who demanded his personal, and professional best? How, exactly, might someone, become a truly, BETTER real estate agent, so, he can provide the service, and representation, your client […]

How to Sell A House Without a Realtor: FSBO

Not everybody has the luxury of placing their residence on the open market and patiently waiting months to execute the deal. The common process when posting your property on the open market will be: Question/Interview many real estate professionals Authorize a listing contract with a person to list your home for an exact time frame […]

Selling Your Own Home Online

Nearly 80% of those who bought a house last year started their search online. If you’re selling your own home, an online For Sale By Owner (FSBO) site is nearly a must. According to realtors, most people who browse FSBO sites will view at least one house that they first saw online – and about […]

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