3 Reasons to Use a Realtor When Buying a Home

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Using a realtor when buying a home will save you time and money. By tapping into their expertise, you can find homes that maximize your budgeted housing dollars. You also save time searching for a home when you allow your buyer's agent to screen for potential homes. But the most valuable time to have a realtor is when you start the process of purchasing a home.

1. Saved Time With Personalized Showing

Give a realtor your housing specifications, and you will take the head out of home shopping. With a real estate agent's access to databases, they can be showing you homes that are not even publicly listed yet. They also have the inside track on under-priced or must-sale homes.

To make sure your realtor shows you the right kinds of homes, be specific with your requests. While a budget range is a good start, include home features too. How many bedrooms, bathrooms, or square foot to you want? Do you want a low maintenance condo or a sprawling backyard for a swimming pool and swing set? Are you looking for a specific architectural style?

2. Information On Neighborhoods And Schools

Buying a home is not just about the house; it's also about the location. Real estate agents are privy to industry information that most of us just do not have time to investigate.

With your realtor, you can find out where the best schools districts and neighborhoods are. Realtors also know which areas of a city that are likely to increase in value because of housing market trends.

3. Expert Knowledge On Negotiation Practices

A buyer's agent is your advocate during the purchasing phase and where they can save you the most money. They will help you negotiate the terms of closing, which includes passing inspection, requiring repairs, or requesting appliances stay with the house.

They will also line up meetings, deadlines, and additional terms to make sure the process goes smoothly. That means you are less likely to lose your earnest money or house to another buyer.

Realtors offer a valuable service if you take advantage of their expertise and knowledge. Not only will they eliminate some of the headaches associated with buying a home, they can also save you money.

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