3 Ways To Get FSBO Listings Without Cold Calling

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One of the richest sources of business in real estate regardless of the market is FSBO's or For Sale by Owners. These sellers have already indicated that they have an interest in selling their property. Their only issue is that they do not have you to represent them.

The good news that this article will share with you 3 ways to get these FSBO's calling you even if you have no budget.

  1. Pique their interest with a letter that is different from your competition. Everyone is going to be mailing the a letter that says "I am awesome", "I will sell your home", "Let me help". Make your letter different from your competition by telling them how they can sell their home themselves. Let them know how many steps it takes to sell a home. A report such as "87 Marketing Methods for Sale by Owners Can Use Now To Sell Their Home". Give them "what to do" just not the way unless they speak with you on the phone.
  2. Ask your friends on the social network who knows the owner. You may already know someone who knows the FSBO. A simple question posted on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter may very well yield you someone who can introduce you to the seller. Think of it as an indirect way to get a referral.
  3. Send an e-mail to the seller. FSBO sellers want to sell their home. Many of them post their contact information on such websites dedicated to helping for sale by owners sellers sell their home. Introducing yourself by e-mail and offering free information that can further help them is a great way to break the ice.

Sellers who are trying to sell their home themselves have a problem. They want their home sold! Somewhere along the line they decided that they did not want to use a real estate agent. Their reasons for doing this vary and 98% of real estate agents are just going to be "telling" them what to do.

I would encourage you to be helpful to them and to be different by leading them down the path that they want to go which is selling their home. Will some certainly sell their home without you? Some might however many more will seek you out as the expert and demand that you help them sell their home.

When you would like to discuss how you can be different from your competition and generate more listings visit www.15MinuteBusinessHelp.com .

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