9 Home Selling Furniture Tips

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Consider your buyer’s needs when placing, removing or buying furniture.  Here are 9 home selling furniture tips to consider:

Home Selling and Staging Tips – Make more money on your home. General home staging tips to scratch the surface of what home sellers should consider doing to their for-sale home. Home Staging is the art of home making and acquires the heart of home buyers.

  1. If your furniture is worn, torn or outdated, consider covering your chairs and sofas with neutral-colored tasteful slipcovers.
  2. Bring worn wooden furniture back to life by using Old English® Lemon Oil or Old English® Scratch Cover, which comes in both dark and light finishes and is easy to use.
  3. Be honest about the condition of your furniture. A hand-me-down sofa or chair from your grandmother won’t necessarily help to show the positive features of a room even if it’s the most comfortable seat in your house.
  4. Excess furniture should be removed and stored.
  5. If you don’t have enough furniture to adequately showcase a space, borrow, rent or purchase what you need. Shop secondhand stores for gently used items or find furniture closeouts to fill the space.
  6. When you showcase each room, try to find a focal point and build your furniture around it.
  7. Float pieces away from walls to add interest and create conversation areas.
  8. Use area rugs to define areas, but make sure these rugs are in proper proportion to the furniture and space.
  9. Determine the purpose of each room in your house, and showcase each room as it was originally designed to be used.



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