Advantages of Using a Realtor

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Do not use a Realtor to purchase your next home and you may miss the mark!

There is a lot of negative information in the news about Realtors being overpaid and telling people that they can save money by not using a Realtor. I believe just the opposite is true. Good Realtors work especially hard for their money, and offer a plethora of information and services to home buyers. People often do not realize that the seller pays the commission, not the buyer; and seller's receive an 16% average higher selling price listing their home with a Realtor then those that sell it themselves. 1st time homebuyers especially, should not go it alone. I am a Realtor in Warner Robins GA and put together this list of reasons why homebuyers should use a Realtor to find their next home or real estate purchase!

1. Seller pays Realtor's commission, not the buyer.

2. Experience in buying / selling homes on a daily basis

3. Answer all questions

4. Understand and explain the Contract, Exhibits, Addendums, Closing Costs, and explain the entire home buying / building process

5. Make sure everything is in writing – verbal contracts are not valid in Real Estate in Georgia

6. Listen to your needs and help ensure the home you purchase / build is the home you intended to purchase and meets your needs

7. A smooth and pleasant home buying process

8. Assist with contingency options on your current home

9. Explain all your options

10. Assist with financing options

11. Assist with contingency options on your current home

12. Explain all your options

For more information about buying or building a custom built home please visit my Warner Robins Real Estate website.

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