All Realtors Are Great – Every One of Them, Without Exception!

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All realtors should be given an award for all their hard work during these challenging times. It is not the professional Realtor's fault that they are in a trying buyer's market, it is not their fault for the subprime lending fall out and it is certainly not their fault that so many people chose to feed the real estate buying frenzy at what was obviously the top of the market. Realtors were just doing their job as loyal consultants and real estate professionals, when the avalanche started.

Most realtors knew this would happen and warned their customers of the toppy market and the potential problems associated with it and the risks involved. So, Realtors are not to blame for the economic fallout that has severely crippled the economy, after all they just work in the industry. Realtors knew that this time it would be no different – they knew that things would soon come to a head, and as predicted we all know they did.

Today, many people buying homes realize that things are tough on sellers and they are using this to their advantage in submitting low-ball offers, but that is not the Realtor's fault, a real estate professional has nothing to do with that, although they take the brunt of the condemnation for those low offers coming in. Realtors work hard and are wonderful citizens in our communities, they are just doing their job.

Realtors are concerned about their own well-being too, as well they should, you see, the average listing is often on the market for 100 days or more now with the increased supply of homes flooding the market, many listings are only 60-90 days and they are taking a huge risk. Many sellers will not come to terms with the reality of the market, making it very tough for the real estate agents representing the sellers. Its not the real estate agents fault things are not selling.

Realtors sure take a lot of abuse out there, and it just isn't right! Realtors need help to increase positive PR, but indeed, the newspaper headlines are filled with doom and gloom nearly every day another scary article about real estate is turning people away. Realtors, each and every one of them need to uplift their credibility, image and state the positive, because it is the only way to see this through. It is not the Realtor's fault, don't blame them: All Realtors are Great – Every One of them, Without Exception!

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