Buying a New Construction Home – Do I Need a Realtor?

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So you have decided to buy a new construction home and now you are wondering whether to hire a Realtor or not. You do need a Realtor, but not right now.

Looking for a new Home Community

You can look online for the communities in your area that are building new homes … and there wont be many..since you are buying a new home or new home construction, you really do not need a Realtor at this point.

Visit the actual home sites

Go to the sales center of these new home communities and get information on floor plans and lot sizes etc. At this point, if they ask you whether you are working with a Realtor, say YES. But do not give out any names at this point.

Finalize the community and floor plan

Go through all the floor plans that a community is offering and make your decision. Always go to an actual home of the floor plan to get the best idea. Also if your community does not have a home you are looking for, see if that builder is building another communities nearby. They might have a house with the floor plan you are looking for.

Look for a Realtor

So you have decided on the community you want to live in and the floor plan you would like to see in your house. Now is the time to look for a Realtor, but let them know that you have already chosen everything and they really do not have much work to do, so they need to give you a cut of the Realtor commission. They should be willing to give you at least 1/2 of what they will make for the sale. Shop around and get the best deal.
In this way, the Realtor gets free money and so do you.

Realtor can still help

Even though you have done all the work of selecting the home, the Realtor can still help in choosing the plot, selecting the upgrades, negotiating the deal etc.

Also, most important, do not let the Realtor try to change your mind in any way. Let him / her know that your decision is final and also make it clear that you will not increase your budget for any reason. The Realtor will try to move you to a builder that pays them more commission.

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