For Sale by Owner – The Ultimate Guide, Part Five – Showing Your Home

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Welcome to Part Five of FSBO: The Ultimate Guide.

You've prepared your home and put it on the market – it's time to get people in to see it.

A few initial ideas for you to consider when showing people round your property:

When showing people round, always have yourself and a friend / spouse present. Showing with one person can be stressful if there's a few parties coming around, and it's good to have back up and support. It would be a good idea to make pets scarce too – some people are not keen on them, they can get excitable too – best drop them off with a friend. Keep all valuables out of sight too, locked up somewhere safe.

Keep all rooms as bright as possible, and have all curtains folded back, lights on if necessary.

As you gain experience in showing people round, you will find that you become more relaxed as you do your introductions and tours round the house. You're not trying to close a deal here, just to introduce people to the property and let them make up their own minds as to whether they are interested. If someone is interested in the property, they can make a formal offer in writing from their lawyer. Your not under any pressure here to make any social or verbal commitments at this stage. Take your time, you'll be showing a lot of people round! All negotiations take place through your relevant lawyers, you can be polite but firm if someone is insistent.

Set Days for Showings

You may want specific days that you set aside for showing your home – you can put this in your listing too. Make sure you are flexible though, and do your best to let everyone see the house who wants too -you never know who that special visitor will be. Always make sure you are ready and on time for potential buyers, and have some coffee and biscuits ready for them!

When people arrive and you show them around, do not take any comments too personally about your home. You'll get used to handling people and showing them around. It's easy! We recommend giving people a brief tour of the property, and then let them wander around on their own, to let their imagination wander. You will get to know what kind of questions people ask, and you can hone your selling skills, and promote all the great features of the property.

What matters now is that your showing as many people as possible, and the property looks as good as it does in your listing!

Building Rapport

Once your visitors have been around your property and seen everything the property has to offer, you can invite them to ask you any questions about it. You can also use this as an opportunity to sell the house, and the surrounding area. You can sell the neighborhood, the neighbors etc. Where do they like to shop? What do they do in their spare time? If you can find a little bit about them, you can build on that. Are there areas for kids? What is the local city center like? What is there to do? If there's not much to do, you can sell the peace and quite you can get there! There's always a positive you can spin.

Remember never be tempted to enter into negotiations with a buyer on the night. There's no need, and you can explain that to a buyer if the occasion arises – that all offers will be deal with through proportional lawyers.

You may prefer to show several parties the property at the same time. Good idea – you can show the home to more people with less effort to yourself, and also create a sense of demand. Great!

Create Interest

Maybe you want to put a sign up outside once you have a few appointments booked? It's good publicity, and can create some local interest. There is a more relaxed atmosphere with an 'open house' too – more people and more of a party atmosphere.

You can also printout a list of all the features you mentioned in your listing if you want, so people have something to look at and take away with them after visiting the property. A simple A4 printout would do, with all the features you mentioned, and even features of the local town and amenities. You can also put your contact details and photograph of the property.

Good luck and go for it!

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