For Sale by Owner – Why You Should Not Sell Your Home This Way

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At times when home values ​​are dropping, more and more sellers are finding ways to get more money from selling their homes. One of the things they have in mind is to eliminate the service of a Realtor. Everybody knows that hiring them would cost you a maximum of 6% of your asking price. For them this is solution to get more profit.

No wonder FSBO or For Sale by Owner is getting popular these days. The sale is done simply without the help of a Realtor. Every step of selling (from prepping the use until the closing) is done by the seller. He or she gets through the whole process by simply obtaining advices from other people or other real estate professionals without shelling money.

But is this really a smart thing to do? Considering you are saving money it may look tempting to engage in a FSBO. However, there can be problems along the process that a seller can not handle on their own.

If you want to know more reasons why you should not go for FSBO, refer to the points below:

– You may not know how to price the home properly. The price is very important in getting buyers. If you are the emotional type and if you are so attached to the kind of home you have, you may end up overpricing your homes. Remember, you do not set the value of your home, your buyer does.

You may even have the tendency to price the house to low, which may put you on the losing end. You also need to get the most of your homes. But if you do not have the right basis in setting the price, you may forgo the chances of getting the most from your sale.

– You do not know the legal aspects of the sale. In selling a house, there are things that need to be done in order to avoid lawsuits. One of which is to declare defects of the house and other risks. You may want to brush up your skills on this aspect of selling if you do not want to end up with lawsuits in the future.

– You may be taken advantage of with opportunistic buyers and real estate agents. When people buy homes, they would always want to bargain the price. If you have no skills in negotiation, you may end up giving a deal that is disadvantageous on your part.

– Getting potential buyers to see your house may be a challenge. This may be bought by lack of resources that could effectively advertise your sale. The internet may be a good way to advertise but nothing beats using the MLS or multiple listing services. And any ordinary person can not have access to it without using a Realtor.

– Possibility of getting stuck in a problem. Transactions in real estate are ever-changing. Selling tactics before may not work today. You may know the basics but it is not sufficient to use it alone. Somewhere down the road, you may need some tips and tricks that could get you out of the problem. These tips and tricks are what real estate professionals have.

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