FSBO – Good Idea Or a Bad One?

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As a home owner is it better to do a For Sale by Owner in Minnesota, or use a Realtor? That really depends on you, the home owner. Before deciding on the best route for you to take you should ask yourself several questions.

For Sale by Owner Minnesota – Question # 1

How much marketing will I do? Are you going to use a 24 hour recorded message with your property information on it? Consider this, Up to 40% of all qualified buyers can only research for homes between the hours of 7pm and 8am. Do they have access to the information at those times?

Another reason this is important is that instead of a buyer calling you directly and possibly feeling pressure to come take a tour of the home, they can simply call and get the information they need. This gives a buyer a chance to make a decision and to call back if interested, giving you a more qualified prospect and less time spent on tire kickers. Providing a 24 hour service save you time and will help to maximize your chances of selling your home.

For Sale by Owner Minnesota – Question # 2

Are you going to be available when your buyer wants to visit your home? I'm a potential buyer, I work nights, you work during the day. I call you up and want to take a tour of the home at 9am. Can you accommodate that? Most of the time you will have one chance to make a good impression with your home. If there are obstacles in the way for the potential buyer to purchase your home, they may simply move on to the next home that they wanted to visit.

For Sale by Owner Minnesota – Question # 3

So now you have someone interested in your home and wants to make an offer. Now what? Are you aware of the laws relating to selling your home. Do you need to provide an inspection report? Do you need to be concerned about the terms of the offer? Do you know if they pre-qualified and if they are, is the company giving the pre-approval a solid lender? Lastly, do you know if the offer is fair value for your home? You think it is worth $ 200,000, the buyer offers $ 200,000 but requests you to pay closing costs. Is that a good offer for your neighborhood?

Above all else be realistic about what you are willing to do. Will you be available at anytime for a showing, even last minute. Are you able to close the deal by asking for an offer?

If the challenge excites you, you're ready for some hard work, willing to do research on your own, then it's not impossible for you to sell your home alone.

I have program available on my website entitled "How to sell your home yourself, and avoid paying a big debts". The best part is it's absolutely FREE.

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