FSBO – Not as Easy as it Looks – Another For Sale by Owner Horror Story

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So, I am sitting there at the coffee shop across the street from the Movie Theater tonight, waiting for "Vantage Point" at 9:15 PM, it had good reviews so, what the heck. I am sipping on one of those foo-foo coffee chocolate shake drinks – Blended Mocha something or rather. (oh, before I go much further, the movie was good – I recommend seeing it). Anyways the folks next to me were having an interesting conversation, about trying to sell their home.

Turns out with the real estate home prices so low, that they decided to save the money for the Realtor, pocket the money that they would have paid to the agent and come out further ahead. Well, nothing could be further than the truth. So far, they have had 5-offers all so low, they were very angry. In fact, they told one buyer to stop badgering them or they would call the FTC for violating the DO NOT CALL LIST. The buyer said to them:

"You are the one who put your home on the market and ever you are going to lower the price, I want to be the one who buys it!"

They told the gentleman something like; when hell freezes over you old koot! Now the buyer tells them he will sue them for age discrimination. Well, we all know that is a bunch of BS, but this is certainly not what they had figured on at all.

Another one of the low offers told them, that they could probably make a higher offer, but would have to come back and look at the property again. Turns out a train that comes by every so often about 1/2 mile away was now an issue, so they said that they would pay more, but now would have to lower the offer due to the train noise, which is hardly noticeable they said .

Next, the one of the buyers, this really made them angry, said he had to show the home to his mother, something about the fact she was a co-signer, which did not sit well with them, but they agreed to allow the mother to come see the home and meet with them. They would not leave, stayed through dinner, ate like pigs, then the mom, scolded her 35-year old unmarried son, in front of them and said no way would she co-sign for a piece of junk home, and that the son was an idiot for wanting to live there?

OMG, I thought, those poor people may never sell their home now, nor do they want too.

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Source by Lance Winslow

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