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Traditionally one of the major drawbacks to FSBO selling is the fact that the home was listed with the MLS listing service, thereby mission out on a huge market and a top-notch advertising opportunity. Well, this is no longer the case! Now people who have chosen to sell their homes themselves have the chance to list their home on the MLS and open their sale up to a huge market that was before, unreachable. This is done through what is known as a "Flat Fee MLS listing."

MLS Listing has always been something that was exclusive to licensed real estate agents, and to an extent it still is. A flat fee listing is still done through a real estate broker, the difference being that when your property is listed you become the listing agent. You will still have to pay a commission to an agent if they bring you a client that purchases the home but that is small in comparison to the savings you will get by selling the home yourself.

Listing via the flat fee MLS is only one of the things that you should do in order to give your FSBO home the coverage it needs to sell quickly. Other avenues that should be explored are advertising on a national FSBO website, ads in the newspaper, signs around the local area, open houses and home info packages for viewers. Selling your home yourself is a huge undertaking and it will eat up a lot of your time. You have to play realtor as well as doing your normal daily job and this can be kind of daunting. You will have to make sure that you keep yourself as available as possible at all times, you can not afford to miss that show that could be the sale you have been waiting for.

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