FSBO Selling Tip – Follow These Safety Rules

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One of the most over-looked items by the "fsbo" is that of safety. While most use common sense knowledge, some are just lacking in this area.

Recently, I called a "fsbo" and asked when I could come over to see the home. A young girl answered the phone and said her parents were not home but I could come over to look if I wanted. With no parents home? I would imagine the parents never educated the daughter regarding showing safety.

Safety Tip # 1 – Have all calls go directly to one of the parents cell phones. That way, all or most calls come in with caller identification and the caller can leave a message if they want to. I would personally suggest investing in an 800 # voice mail message where you can sell the benefits of your home using a message greeting, capture the callers number, and mention that you will be returning the call shortly. This avoids the safety issue of leaving your home number where anyone in your family can answer it. Plus, these 800 # voice mail services will automatically call your cell phone alerting you to the call. That way, you can return the message right away.

Safety Tip # 2 – Set aside one or two days a week for showing. Make sure your neighbors know when you are showing, so they will be aware of the coming and going traffic. During showing there are more than one adult available and make sure if there are multiple people in the "buyers party" that they do not get scattered all over your home. Try to keep everyone together during the showing.

Safety Tip # 3 – This will be a hard tip to follow and you might see it as restricting your showing activity. Tell all potential buyers that you would like a pre-qualification letter by a lender and a copy of the potential buyers drivers license. Why? Because of the safety issue. Quite a few of the lady agents in my office are now making copies of potential buyers driver licenses and giving them to Carol at the front desk before showing them property. Yes, some agents have been injured by buyers.

Safety Tip # 4 – Safely store everything of value, momentos, etc. during the times of showing your home. I have simply suggested to "fsbo's" who asked to either take their small items to a safety deposit box or even put items in the trunk of their car.

Safety Tip # 5 – Never give out too much information over the phone. This is non-fsbo related but is a good example. My friend Larry across the street received a call from a salesman offering a home security system. Larry told the salesman he did not have any use for one. Yes, Larry was burglarized the very next day.

While this briefly covers most of common concerns, you will have to use your own jurisdiction depending on your own situation.

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