FSBO Tip – Hold Back Information

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Have you ever placed forty fliers in your "take one" box only to have all the fliers disappear within a few days? Yes, nosey neighbors took some, but they could not possibly have taken them all. Forty fliers gone and no phone calls – it's frustrating. Probably every real estate agent in the business has lamented the disappearing fliers phenomenon. This happens for one reason and one reason only. You broke a cardinal rule of marketing: never give away all of your information. Never play all of your cards, particularly without the ability to follow up.

If you give it all away, there is no reason for the house hunter to pick up the phone and call. One small adjustment can fix this problem with the potential to convert a looker into a buyer. What you need to do is withhold important information . That will spur the potential buyer to pick up the phone and call. Withholding square footage is savvy because that is something everyone needs to know. Price is irrelevant without square footage. Leaving off school district is another astute tactic. Almost everyone needs to know school district, particularly out of town buyers.

Savvy real estate agents have been holding back information for years. If you can get a potential buyer to call, you can get the conversation ball rolling and have a chance to talk up your home. A telephone conversation also gives you a chance to invite the potential buyer over for a tour. Car salesmen know that you can not buy a car if you are not on the lot. Only someone who walks through your home is a true potential buyer, so hold back information to increase that foot traffic.

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