Homes for Sale by Owner

Kostenlose Immobilienbewertung

Homes sold by owners are advantageous for both the seller and buyer. If the house that is put up for sale sells for $200,000, for example, and the common commission rate ranges up to six percent of the selling price, then both the buyer and seller can save $12,000 – money that would have been used for an agent’s commission. And if the property owner dedicates a lot of time in finding the prospective buyer of his home instead of spending weeks or months finding an agent, then he will most likely dispose of his property in a shorter span of time.

There are various reasons why a person may sell his home. The homeowner may want to gain financing for a new home, obtain an ample amount to finance the mortgage of the property that is up for sale, or just want to move to another place.

Homeowners who adopt the “For Sale by Owner” method of selling assume the role that is conventionally played by the bank or the mortgage firm. Such a process, when adhered to, is advantageous both to the seller and the buyer. Naturally, homeowners contact real estate agents who will handle the transaction for them. But when the homeowners administer the selling by themselves, they are able to save on commission costs and also provide a good package for buyers needing to purchase new homes but facing difficulties getting bank loans.

For innumerable reasons, many individuals find it hard to obtain bank loans due to the strict requirements imposed by these money-making lenders. They may have the funds ready in their pockets and have stable jobs to sustain the monthly payments, but they just find it hard to settle for a bank loan. With the sale of a home by the owner, the process gets much easier.

It is, therefore, not surprising why homes for sale by owners are highly coveted. If you are a seller, you save yourself a great deal of money because you never have to pay commission costs. If you are a buyer, you can buy a house and lot without the terrible burdens of tremendous bank interests.

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