How to Fight Banks During Foreclosure

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I witness the same situation happen over and over again. The homeowner thinks that because he or she is in the process of working out a loan modification or a short sale, their bank won’t continue to pursue a foreclosure judgement behind their backs. Folks, the banks are not your friend. They care about only one thing, profit. They couldn’t care less about you or your family having a place to live. I’ve seen cases where these banks deliberately give people false hope and empty promises to keep their defenses down in order to ensure a quick and speedy judgement as the property owner, trusting in the bank, won’t seek foreclosure defense assistance.

They’re pursuing a lawsuit against you to take the house back! They don’t want any opposition in court. Its easier for them to lie to you and force you out of the house at a later albeit sooner date. The alternative is much better. – Pursue foreclosure defense!

When the opposition sees that you’re willing to put up a fight, they’re more likely to back down and settle for a favorable payment, a realistic Short Sale payoff amount and better terms. Think of it as mediation.

Think about it. If you’re suing someone over a big pile of money, say one million dollars, would you want the judge to hear that person’s side of the case? Of course not. If the opposition keeping the one million dollars doesn’t show up, your chances of getting the money are greater! Its the same situation if you become the bank and that one million dollars becomes your home.

The banks are run by faceless entities. They are filled with employees getting paid $11.00 per hour or less living on the bring of poverty. There are people that are literally hating their lives working for this entity that you’re putting you’re life into.

Please do yourself a favor and don’t put your future, your life in the hands of someone how can’t care less. To make matters worse, most of the people you’ll speak to actually get paid $3.00 per hour as they’re working form over seas.

Now that’s a shocker!

Please, don’t let time go by any further, contact me ASAP to find a solution whether you’re in foreclosure and want to keep your property(s)or sell your property(s). I have solutions no matter what you want to do.

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