How to Sell Your Home by Owner and Tips

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In today's tough real estate market, more people are trying to sell their home by owner to save in Realtor contracts. With the housing market softening, owners have realized that their homes are not worth as much as they were years ago. In this case the seller is looking at ways they can cut costs in selling their home by owner which can increase their overall profit when selling the home.

How to Sell Your Home by Owner

There really is not much you need to do when selling your home by owner, however there are different marketing strategies you can do to increase your chance at finding a buyer. The first thing you need to do is simply officially list your home which can mean getting a sale sign to stick in the yard. Some people will end their marketing strategy there and expect calls from drive by people. However, you will also want to try and buy a small ad in your local paper or even list your house for sale on websites like craigslist or other for sale by owner sites.

Once you have advertised your home for sale all you need to do is schedule shows for interested buyers and then follow-up with them to get any feedback they can give you on pros and cons of the house so you can take action on improvements if need be.

If you receive an offer you will want to make sure you have the proper real estate forms in place to get a purchase agreement in place and any necessary disclosures your state requires for the sale of real estate. It's recommended to get the assistance of an attorney when you are selling your home on your own to make sure you have everything covered in the sale.

Real estate agents can charge up to 7% in commission so you will have to weigh out the pros and cons to see if selling a home by owner will save you enough money to do it yourself.

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