How To Sell Your Home By Owner With Success

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Approximately twenty-percent of US home owners are interested in selling their home without the help of a traditional listing agent. These people are interested in saving money or pocketing the would be listing agents commission.

Selling By Owner is not easy. New FSBO websites are popping up all over the Internet on a daily basis making the FSBO website market fragmented. You also do not get the visibility you need by listing on a For Sale by Owner site. Pick the most popular FSBO website and you will see that you will not get the exposure needed to sell your house for the highest amount.

Traditionally, sellers have had two options to explore when selling their property: Seller's market could have their property on there own, limiting exposure and usually resulting in a longer time on market, or Seller's could list their property with a local real estate agency; Paying upwards of 5-6% of the purchase price for listing and selling.

Now, there is a third option. This option is called MLS Entry Only, also known as a Flat Fee MLS listing. By selling via Flat Fee MLS listing service seller's now have the opportunity to market their home without having to pay outrageous listing fees. Pay a flat fee and get your home listed in your local MLS.

By selling your home in this manner your home will receive the same amount of exposure as if you were selling with a traditional listing agent. MLS is the most reliable marketing machine for real estate. This is how agents sell properties. Your home will be viewed by thousands of buyers.

If an agent brings you a buyer you only need to compensate them half of what you would normally pay a listing agent to market your home. If a buyer finds you without the help of an agent you pay nothing.

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