How to Sell Your House Without a Real Estate Agent

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You can sell your house without the need for a real estate agent. No kidding. Normally, if you sign a contract with any real estate company, the average terms are as follows; the length of the contract will be for six months. The agent that you sign with will receive a 6% commission of the sales price of your home. If your home sells for $ 200,000, the agent will get $ 12,000 and you will only get $ 188,000. Surprise!

Here is the real deal. Let's say that you get tangled up with a lazy real estate agent. Maybe your agent has no buyers at all, waiting in the wings. I am positive that any agent will work diligently for a week or two in order to sell your home. After that, your agent may begin to lose interest and they're hiring that another agent somewhere in our country will bring the buyer. If so, your agent will receive a 3% commission anyway. At the moment that your agent loses interest, they move on to another property and abandon your deal all together.

Here's the problem for you. Number one, your property is tied up for six long months. If your agent loses interest in your property, you are a cooked goose. You have signed a contract with them and now you are at their mercy.

Number two, you now have no recourse except to wait six months. Of course, you can yell at your agent, in order to let off steam, but they are accredited to that and no real harm will be done.

Number three, during this period of time, you do not own your home anymore and you will not for the next six months. It is possible that you could rent your home, but every agent will discourage that, telling you that it will be difficult to show your home around a renters schedule. They will also tell you that a rental home will not show as well. All of which are true.

You could also sell your house yourself, while it is under contract. However, if you do not have that exception written in your contract before you sign, you may still be responsible for the entire 6% commission. Think before you sign on the dotted line.

Those are some of the problems, that you may run into, when dealing with a real estate company. I have a simpler solution. Sell ​​your home yourself. Now, this thought may sound terrifying to you, but I am going to explain exactly, step by step, how to do just that later later. I have personally flipped twenty-nine houses and sold eighteen other houses and not one time have I ever used a real estate company. Never! And neither should you.

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