Marketing Your Home Without a Realtor

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Realtors cost a lot of money. The good ones also do a lot of work to market your home. Can you save money by doing it yourself as a FSBO (For Sale By Owner) seller? Yes, absolutely, but you have to be willing to work and you have to spend some money up front. In short, you need to plan and execute the kind of multi-media marketing plan a good realtor uses.

Just what the heck is a multi-media marketing plan anyway?

It’s using a variety of media (signs, internet ads, classified ads, brochures, flyers, newsletter ads, notes to your neighbors, your answering machine message, etc.) to let people know that your house is For Sale and where they can get more info. In each venue, you mention where they can learn more.

For example, your For Sale sign should include your phone number (to make an appointment to view), and your home’s internet web address (to see a variety of photos of the inside and outside of your home looking its best). Your internet ads should include lots of the aforementioned pictures, and also your address and driving directions or a MapQuest (or other similar) link to facilitate drive-bys. Your classified ad should include your phone number (viewing in person) and your home’s internet address (for all those pictures, room measurements, neighborhood features, and the like). Your telephone answering message should mention the fact that your home is For Sale, ask callers to leave a message about when they’d like to see the house, and give the internet address for seeing pictures.

I think you see what I mean by now. Each marketing tool you use should build on other marketing tools you have in place. They should complement each other. The reason is simple. Selling a house doesn’t really involve “selling” it so much as bringing it to the attention of enough people who are looking for a house that you ultimately bring it to the attention of someone for whom it’s perfect.

Also, it often takes seeing something more that one time before a person takes action. This is an annoying, but true, axiom in the marketing business. Ignore it at your peril.

Then, there’s the fact that people choose to acquire information in a variety of ways. Today, most people (but not all) start looking on the internet. Some people like to drive around neighborhoods they like (signs, brochures in holders at the curb). Others prefer to check the classified ads.

A multi-media marketing plan can be implemented expensively (a slick magazine style brochure from a printer) or fairly cheaply (printed from your own color printer on letter paper – you might want to just print off your internet ad). Per column inch ads, or classifieds with abbreviations (make sure your meaning is clear). Whatever the budget, you’ll have to spend something. You’ll have to think about it, spend your time on it, and get your creative juices flowing. However, the chances are that, even in this market, you can spend hundreds (especially if it takes a while to sell) and save thousands. Yes, you can successfully market your home without a realtor, but it does take work.

Raynor James


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