Multiple Offers: How To Get Many Qualified Offers When Selling Your Home, Regardless of the Economy

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The purpose of this book is to describe in simple terms all aspects of the real estate transaction including all parties to the transaction, what it will take to get the most offers on your home in the shortest amount of time for the most money. Choosing a career in real estate is a privilege and is a satisfying undertaking for the right person. Managing your time effectively with solutions that work and are tried and true is the most important aspect of the business. As with all successful businesses, loving what you do is the other most important part. Whether you are new to the business or have been in for 30 years, you can always learn from others. I believe that building relationships and sharing information with our clients through all sources of media is the way to work smarter, not harder. Attracting buyers to our seller’s home is not difficult, but does take a strategy and when implemented properly can bring in many qualified offers. My text is directed to Sellers and buyers and licensed Real Estate Professionals and those thinking of getting into Real Estate. Just a few things you will learn: – Who are the Sellers of Today’s Markets? – Who needs a positive mindset during real estate transactions? – Sellers? what kind of Agent should you choose when selling your home? – The SECRET of Pricing!!! – Marketing MAGIC! (Enough Said, must read this chapter) – Negotiating – the Art Of Win-Win Negotiating! – Seller & Buyer FACTS that will Shock You. – Profitable Selling – Short Sales Approved *Guaranteed* – Stories from the Trenches (Realtors Tell All) – Handling Multiple Offers (A Detailed Explanation)

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