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Don’t sell your home FSBO – you will be robbed, raped or god forbid – worse. The NAR has been promoting this fear mongering for years. Here is a direct quote from a “Realtor” Ezine article (please note – the author refers to himself as a “Seasoned Real Estate Broker”) titled “NAR(r) Broker Will Swear It – Real Pro’ Agents Share It – FSBO “Truth” – and I quote – “Sometimes, the “Truth” hurts. Yet, being ripped off, raped, or even worse – hurts a whole lot more. Ask any police officer if home sellers should open their doors wide to strangers.” Are you serious? So is that why we pay 6% sales commission to sell a home – Security/Background checks? Now it all makes sense – I finally understand the value – give me a break! There may have been a time when real estate agents actually “screened” clients before bringing them to your house – that said, I firmly believe it was done to determine what they could afford and weather or not they were wasting the realtor’s precious time. I guarantee I can set up an appointment – through a Realtor to view a house within the next hour – they will take my first name – PERIOD!

Our friend, the “Seasoned Real Estate Broker” must be “old” school. The new NAR (which recognizes that Realtors do not “screen” their clients) scare tactic now claims that FSBO’s homes sell for up to 15% less then Realtor assisted existing home sales. They have developed a clever little “medium” based formula that demonstrates this and of course the Realtors that form their association believe the propaganda and diligently and naively spread it to prospective FSBO home owners. The problem with their calculations is they use a flawed formula to support their argument – they use a MEDIAN price as opposed to an AVERAGE price. The median is a “middle number” in a series of numbers – the average is a sum of all numbers divided by the total number. Have you ever looked at the “medium” mark on a test and had it mean anything to you?

The real “TRUTH”, as this author so eloquently puts, it is that Realtors are absolutely scared silly with the prospect of FSBO’s cutting into their revenue stream. The fact that they are being eliminated by the internet as a real estate sourcing tool manifests this fear to the point that they have to revive “old wives tales” – can you imagine being “ripped off, raped, or even worse” to save a measly 6% – no me neither. That said, I would love to see the face of the realtor that is asked to provide confirmation that all prospective clients have undergone a background check prior to viewing your property. Realtors “used” to ask for Identification – they don’t even do that anymore.

Also according to this author – “Every year, dozens of real estate agents are abducted, robbed, raped, and murdered” – my god they should be getting danger pay. I can’t think of ANY other profession that is subject to such potential crime and danger on the job. Did he say “dozens”? Another question – why would anyone “abduct” a real estate agent? Please excuse my tongue and cheek response to this article – I just find it bizarre that this tactic continues to be utilized or worse has been “reborn”. On a more serious note – my mother is a 35 year real estate agent – she has NEVER had a “bad” experience with a client. She did however have her home robbed two days after a real estate agent from the city showed her home to two gentlemen in a white van (can you say “red flag”). When police investigated the Realtor didn’t even have their names – now that is well screened.

The reality of selling your own home boils down to this – and this alone. If you can put together a decent marketing plan, properly price your home and are semi-personable without being overbearing you can sell your own home and save significant dollars. Should you be careful about whom you are letting into your home – of course. Is there risk – yes – there is always risk. Is there reward – of course – significant. The trick is to mitigate risk by being careful and using your instincts and, as always – be careful whom you are letting into your front door.

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