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Homeowners have three options when attempting to sell their home.

  • They can list with a real estate agent
  • They can list it “For sale by owner”
  • They can sell it to a real estate investor

Each option has its own benefits and obstacles. A lot of Agents prefer to see the homeowner make a lot of repairs or upgrades before putting the house on the market. It can also mean a long wait to find a qualified buyer. Not an option for those looking to sell quickly. Trying to sell the home yourself also means a lot of work. Homeowners will be responsible for their own repairs, marketing, contracts and dealing with escrow. For the average homeowner, this is a frustrating and time-consuming process. It’s unlikely to result in a sale within 10 days.

List with an Agent

Selling the home with an agent offers many benefits for the homeowner as well as inconvenience. There’s a reason these professionals charge so much for each home sale, but that high price tag, as much as 6% of the purchase price, may be more than you are willing to part with on a sale. A $300,000 house could cost the homeowner $18,000 in commissions, reducing the proceeds for the homeowner. When repairs, clean-up,improvements, open houses and other showings are factored into the process, plus the extended time it takes, only the Owner can determine if this approach is right for them.

For Sale By Owner

Selling your home on your own is one way to cut back on fees. It also provides the homeowner with lots of freedom to do things their way. On the downside, going the “For Sale By Owner” route can mean a lot of work and extra time. The homeowner is responsible for prepping their home, performing due diligence, marketing the property, listing it on the MLS, dealing with homebuyers and closing escrow. The homeowner is responsible for a lot of things in their home sale when they go this route.

Sell to an Investor

This is the best way to sell your home fast. Homeowners who want to sell their homes within 10 days, or less, should consider selling to a real estate investor. These professionals are used to closing deals quickly and they try to minimize or eliminate the obstacles for sale. They will work with any homeowner, no matter their financial situation and can even help out homeowners in or near foreclosure. The only focus for these investors is whether or not the property is a good investment. Real estate investors are business persons who buy and sell real estate for a profit. Investors generally purchase lower priced homes or properties that homeowners want to sell quickly. These may be inherited properties, properties about to go into foreclosure and homes with major repairs needed. The investor buys the house, fixes it up and puts it back on sale for a slightly higher price. This increase in price constitutes their utilities fees, repair costs and potential profit. Homeowners need only be concerned about selling their property to the investor. The investors handle the rest on their own.

Preparing a house for sale, before putting it on the market, can help increase its chances of selling fast. Homebuyers love to see that “move-in ready” sign! Additionally, it cuts down on the risk that the bank or home inspection finds faults during the closing process that could derail the sale. However, homeowners can choose to bypass all those issues and sell their home to a real estate investor. Investors have immediate access to money and can usually buy a home within a week. They also base their offer prices on local research and homebuyers can get a decent price for their home. Let the investors deal with the process of making up the contracts, getting home inspections, finding a title company and handling escrow. All the homeowner needs to do is accept the offer, have an attorney look over the paperwork and sign on the dotted line.

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