On My Own: Five Secrets to a Successful FSBO Home Sale

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In the United States approximately twenty percent of home sellers complete For Sale By Owner (FSBO) transactions. For many people the cost of a real estate agent could be money well spent elsewhere and to succeed in the FSBO market using all of the tools and resources available to you is essential. Knowledge, planning and a long-term vision can mean the difference between a smooth, profitable sale and a confusing, frustrating and even costly mess. There are five basic secrets to making a For Sale By Owner situation work for you so write these down, print them out, keep them in a safe place even if you won’t use them until later.

Secret Number One: See the Future

If you decide that selling FSBO is for you, make sure you plan to stick with it for at least three months. It is easy to get discouraged or frustrated in the first few weeks and the temptation to quit will rear its ugly head. Take a deep breath and remind yourself that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Marketing and sales is time consuming and takes work; be patient and your investment will pay off.

Secret Number Two: Know Your Local Area

Research and become familiar with your local market conditions. Having an understanding of what is hot and what is not will help you make important decisions that affect the sale of your home. Read the local real estate columns, visit local and national real estate web sites and review commentaries from experts in the industry, ask friends and colleagues to tell you about personal experiences and look carefully at other properties in your own neighborhood.

Secret Number Three: Appearances Matter

Clean up the yard, clean the carpets and update the fixtures. Make sure the house looks its very best and highlight the areas of the home that make the strongest impression. In today’s real estate market, homeowners who place a high value on neatness and cleanliness are generally rewarded with a quicker sell and a higher price. The time and money you spend will save you both in the long run.

Secret Number Four: Know the Law

Although homeowners can complete almost every aspect of a real estate sale alone, it is always safer to hire a real estate attorney to review the legality of your property transaction. In many states, by law, a real estate attorney is required. Every home sale is different and unique. Your sale may call for the skills of a professional and when it comes to your finances “better safe than sorry” is a good rule to follow

Secret Number Five: Creative Marketing

Most FSBO home sellers use traditional marketing items such as yard signs and web listings, but adding some spice to your marketing plan always works. Creativity in this area always benefits a seller. The faster you can reach your perfect buyer the faster you can complete a successful real estate sale. Imagine all the possible ways you are going to find them. Consider posting an ad in the local paper or hang flyers in public places. Network with neighbors and friends and ask them to send emails and mention your property to their friends and associates. Word of mouth can often pay off more quickly than you expect.

FSBO opportunities can give you more freedom and make you more profitable if you aren’t afraid to do the work. For entrepreneurs who long to learn, execute and succeed individually the first complete real estate sale is a thrill. The confidence you build will lead to future accomplishments and the knowledge you acquire can be carried with you. For more information about FSBO and property listings in the Atlanta metropolitan area please visit my web site at [http://www.LivingMetroAtlanta.com].

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