Navigating The Home Selling Process Like Professionals

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As you’ve probably already guessed selling your home is something that you can do own your own. Many people rely on the knowledge and skills of real estate agents when buying or selling properties. Although these professionals can provide effective solutions to complete sales, their services are not required.

In fact, more people are doing the buying or selling process without the aid of agents. With the Internet and modern technology, finding information related to the real estate industry is easier than it has ever been. A word of caution would be that even though it is easier to find all the resources you need online to sell your home the process can still be stressful. Of course the amount of money you could save selling your home without an agent makes it really tempting to try to sell your property without an agent.

Property owners can cut costs, up to thousands of dollars, by selling properties without agents. There are numerous resources that offer valuable information about how to sell a home. Most are available for little to no cost, and offer as much insight as agents might.

Homeowners used to rely on real estate agents for information on listings. These professionals were in the know about the market, recently sold properties, pricing information, competition and more. They still are today, but the Internet has made this information more accessible to all.

There are numerous websites that can be used during this process. These sites allow people to easily upload information about properties, which means listings can be marketed to millions of Internet users within minutes. More potential buyers and offers are expected when listings are well-marketed.

More than ever before, potential home buyers are also utilizing the Internet as a tool. There are trustworthy websites designed for property buyers and sellers. Sellers use them as a platform to list properties and reach a large audience. Buyers use them to browse what is available in a specific area. People who use these as a selling platform are encouraged to be thorough in their listings, including high-quality photos and accurate details.

It can be difficult for do it yourself sellers to determine the right price point, especially without professional help. It is important to research the value of nearby properties, including those recently sold. Keep in mind the condition of the home and details about it that might add to its total value. There are plenty of automated tools that produce pricing estimates, but hiring an appraiser might also be helpful. Consider all these things before setting a price. If a property does not sell after some time on the market, reconsider the price to attract more buyers.

Sellers who do not hire real estate agents to list and sell their property should still consider working with professionals. Real estate attorneys or title companies can help close a transaction by signing off on the final paperwork. Another thing to consider is just because you can advertise your home for sale does not mean that you won’t have to work with a real estate agent to get your home sold. Many times your potential buyer will be working with a real estate agent and it would be highly recommended to offer the buyer’s agent a commission to attract the greatest number of potential buyers. This is often the most complicated step in the process of selling and must be done correctly.

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Source by Lawan Dixon

House For Sale by Owner – Free Advertising Tips

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Whether you’re just starting or have been in the seller’s market, this information will be very helpful in locating buyers. Unquestionably the internet is your most effective means of attracting buyers because 75% of all home buyers will shop online BEFORE they ever speak to a Real Estate Agent or Broker.

Bird’s Eye View: Online Real Estate Advertising!

You can advertise for FREE and for a FEE. There are a number of small and medium sized “engines/classifieds” that offer free ads. Most offer “Premium” upgrades, for wider exposure and better presentation. If you want to move you campaign in Hi-Gear, then MLS Flat-Fee is a must. If you’re not in a rush, then use the no cost advertising resources provided here.

Your AD Needs The Right Stuff!

Almost all sellers want the same things… a great price for their home and a quick sale. The online Ads that you will place need the right stuff to attract the buyers you want.

  1. HEADLINE: Browse listings and see the headlines that grab your attention. Use them to write your own headline. PLEASE use catch words like spacious, pool, water-view etc. to set you home apart from others. DON’T use subjective words like great, beautiful, fantastic- they won’t work.
  2. PHOTOS: Normally your ad listing will have a small thumbnail of your home front. I recommend taking the shot on a cloudy day, to avoid sun/shade lighting problems. If you are un or semi-detached, take photo on an angle to show the depth of your land.
  3. PRICE: Agents, brokers and many of these online services will help you price your home. Ask a fair price, and expect people will negotiate about 5%-15% off the price.

The Biggie – http://CRAIGSLIST.ORG

Hopefully they service your area! Craigslist offers free postings of your home, condo, rentals… almost anything. And they get millions of visitors every day. That’s exposure you want.

First setup an account with Craigslist, it makes the posting and re-posting process easier.

After three days, exactly, you can access your ad and delete it. Then you can repost, so it gets a position close to the top and will be seen more. That’s the requirement of Free Advertising on Craigslist; you have to keep reposting to get noticed.

Additional Sites That Offer FREE Real Estate Advertising, Trulia, Oodle, Google Base, Vast, Yahoo Real Estate, Zillow, Geebo, OLX, Hotpads, DotHomes, Lycos, Cyberhomes/AOL, FrontDoor,,,,,,,

Some of these sites offer paid Upgrade advertising. I suggest you use all the Free site ads first, before investing in paid ads. To find some super Local Classified AD sites, simply Google: Free classified sites for Real Estate, Your-State (or city)

Remember, preparing quality materials like headlines, ad copy and photos are vitally important. Study what is online now and use what you find effective. When home buyers open your ad it must make a good impression, or they will simply click to the next ad.

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Save Money Selling For Sale By Owner

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The cost of selling a house can be prohibitive, and many homeowners choose to go through the FSBO or For Sale by Owner route. Learn what the advantages are of selling a house privately and how you can get started.

Real Estate Agents Does What?

A real estate agent is a person that helps homeowners go through the entire sales process of buying or selling a home. A good real estate agent can help put you in touch with an entire network of people that can help you sell your home, everyone from contractors to real estate lawyers. The agent does not sell the house for you, so much, as they help you during the sale from advice to contracts, and everything in between.

There is nothing saying legally that you have to use an agent during the sales process. If you are so inclined you can do all of the research to sell your home and take care of the process yourself.

How much money can you save?

A real estate agent’s commission is usually around 5 to 7 percent from the purchase price of the home, but it varies among local markets and is quite negotiable. The percentage seems paltry, but compare it to the purchase price of a house. For example, if you receive $150,000 for your house using a real estate agent, then even with a 5 percent commission, the agent will receive $7500. This commission only increases with the increased sales price of the home. Thus, there is the potential of saving thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars, depending upon how much your home is sold for.

Other Reasons To Sell With A FSBO Process

Some homeowners like the control of knowing that every part of the sale process is within their hands. There is a lurking fear among some homeowners who believe that even though the real estate agent is receiving a commission, the agent is not properly engaged in the sale of their home. Perhaps an agent has too many properties to give proper assistance, or too little experience. Sometimes homeowners believe that an agent will give more time and effort for greater commissions leaving smaller, less valuable houses to collect dust.

Is it right for you?

It is very important to figure out if the FSBO route is the right one for you. No matter why you are thinking of selling a house without a Realtor you have to take into account that it is going to take a lot more of your time and energy then if you had sold the traditional way. You will be doing something that other people have made an entire career out of so you have to be ready for a lot of work. The big reason you sell this way is because if done correctly you can potentially save yourself a lot of money in the process. You will be making the listing by yourself, doing all of the market research, scheduling and meeting the people for the showings, plus making all phone calls to complete the sale process. Even if your state doesn’t require a real estate agent you will have to get a real estate attorney involved to handle the legal part of the sale.

Moreover, though everyone wants a quick home sale, the FSBO route traditionally takes more time for the sale and the houses that sell this way are in excellent condition. If your home is heavily damaged or you need to sell your home quickly, consider contacting a real estate investor directly to see what they can offer before addressing a real estate agent.


With the advent of the internet, there has never been an easier time to sell your home by yourself. FSBO sites are good places to look for advice as well as a place to list your home. You can also use the same listing service that real estate agents use by paying a small fee to list on the MLS.

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Source by Melissa Gifford

29 Critical Questions to Ask a Realtor Before You List

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Because Finding the Right Real Estate Agent Can Make All the Difference in the Success or Failure of Your Home Sale

Selling a home involves many critical and personal decisions. However, one of the most important decisions is the first decision you need to make—a decision that impacts your entire home sale:

Which real estate agent should you work with?

Unfortunately, many people make this decision based on the idea that all real estate agents are basically the same. They sign with the first agent to come along, only to realize too late that they should have shopped around.

This article is designed to help you avoid that mistake by equipping you with what to look for in selecting your agent.

Start by asking your friends and family for the names of agents they know. Look around your neighborhood for the signs, ads and marketing materials of active agents in the neighborhood. Once you’ve compiled a list of several names, use this guide to help you determine which agent is best for you.

Here are the questions you should ask each agent:

Question 1

“Could you send me some information about yourself?”

You can often get a good idea of which agents are most professional and most committed by looking at their personal marketing materials—brochures, direct mail, listing presentation book, etc.

Call each name on your list and ask them to send out any information they can before you actually meet with them for a listing presentation. When you get the personal brochure or other materials, look them over and determine your initial impression of this person.

Are the materials they presented professional?

If not, you might ask yourself,

“If they don’t have the wherewithal to properly market themselves, how will they market my home?”

Also, keep track of how quickly and efficiently they respond to your request for information. Are they friendly and helpful? Or just pushy and hungry for a listing?

Does this seem like someone you’d be interested in talking with? If they aren’t organized and professional enough to respond promptly to your first request to find out more about them, they’ll probably handle potential buyers for your home the same way.

If you like the way they respond to you and are impressed with the information they supply, call them and invite them to make a listing presentation to you.

It’s always a good practice to meet with more than one potential agent before making a final decision—usually three to five for sellers.

Just make sure that you don’t meet with more than one from the same company. This could cause internal strife which would be counterproductive in marketing your home.

Question 2

“How do you approach your work?”

What you should be looking for, first and foremost, is an honest and knowledgeable individual, who works full-time, represents a solid and reputable real estate agency, and will treat your best interests as paramount. Length of time in the business, track record of success, previous experience, expertise in and knowledge of the local real estate market—all of these are factors to consider.

While the right agent to market your home may not be number one in every aspect, you want to make sure that the person you hire is a well-rounded individual whom you can trust and respect as a professional.

Question 3

“How many homes have you listed in the past six months?”

Look for an agent who is active in your area and has experience dealing with homes and situations like yours. This is especially critical if your home or transaction has special features or terms that may make it more challenging than the typical home sale.

Question 4

“How many homes have you sold in the last six months?”

Beware of agents who simply gather listings and let them sit and wait for someone else to sell them.

Your agent should have a good track record getting homes sold, which is, after all, your ultimate goal.

Question 5

“What is the average length of time your listings are on the market?”

You may automatically assume the shorter time on the market, the better. But take note:

If an average length of time on the market is significantly faster than the average for homes in the area, is it because this agent is more effective or because he or she likes to low-ball the asking price in order to get homes sold more quickly?

Also, take a look at what the original asking prices are for homes the agent lists versus what the homes finally sell for. This “swing” number will tell you how effective the agent is at helping clients determine the right asking price and doing what it takes to help them get it.

Question 6

“How long have you been in the business?”

Depending on the agent’s background and track record, there is no hard and fast rule for what to look for here.

An agent may have been a licensed real estate professional for 15 years, but only selling part-time and never really an active seller—maybe only handling one or two transactions per year.

Whereas another agent may have only just become licensed one or two years ago, but has a background in real estate finance, worked in real estate law for a number of years or has been a private real estate investor and has bought and sold more than 20 homes himself in the last 10 years.

Either way, you need to find someone who has an in-depth knowledge of the legal ins and outs of the business as well as the characteristics of the local market, and has demonstrated competence and professionalism in getting homes sold.

Question 7

“What professional organizations do you belong to?”

The minimum here should be a fully licensed professional who’s a member of the local real estate board and multiple listing service as well as the state and National Association of Realtors

Local community groups and business associations may also be pluses in terms of networking and insight into the community

However, make sure your agent is focused on what’s important—selling your home.

Question 8

“Do you have a personal assistant or other

support staff working for you?”

Some agents employ an assistant or staff. This doesn’t necessarily mean better service, but it can be an indicator that the agent treats selling real estate as a business.

By employing someone to handle the small details, he or she can devote more time to serving your needs.

However, be sure you know up front how much involvement you can expect directly from your agent, and how much is usually handled by someone else. It may be fine that most of your interaction after the listing is with an assistant or other staff member as long as you don’t feel passed off onto someone else and you are kept informed of exactly what the agent is doing to get your home sold.

Question 9

“Do you have any questions for me?”

In the interview, look for an agent who asks pointed, specific questions, not someone who’s just filling in blanks on a form.

That’s the sign of someone who is already thinking about your situation and is creating a plan of action specifically for you rather than just using a cookie-cutter approach for every client.

Make sure you feel comfortable being around this person—you will be relying on his or her expertise.

Question 10

“What marketing approach will you use for my home?”

Despite having the same basic marketing tools at their disposal—Multiple Listing Service, company tours, Board of Realtors® tours, fliers and brochures, for sale signs, MLS lock boxes, public open houses, advertising, direct mail and personal networking—every real estate professional has a different marketing strategy.

Learn each agent’s marketing philosophy, and determine what will work for you.

Make sure the agent you choose doesn’t rely on the same marketing tool for every sale. What worked for yesterday’s seller may not get the results you want. The key is to find an agent who will use all the tools available to your best advantage.

Question 11

“Will you produce a flier or brochure for my home and what will it look like?”

Take a careful look at the materials the agent has produced to market their current listings. Do the quality, design and wording of the materials seem to present each home in the best light?

Put yourself in a potential buyer’s shoes: Would you be interested in the homes after seeing these materials?

Question 12

“How often will you hold open houses? Will they be public, broker-only or ‘by appointment only?’ How do you feel open houses will work best for my home?”

Simply putting a sign on your lawn and holding an open house every Sunday afternoon will not get your home sold.

In addition, a house held open too frequently can begin to look like a loser, making it a prime target for low-ball bidders.

Your agent should have a carefully-planned rationale for each open house and it should be just one facet of a complete marketing plan.

Question 13

“What is your advertising plan for my home?”

Most people believe that advertising a home in the newspaper is the way a home gets sold. Unfortunately, this is simply not the case. The truth is: Good real estate agents sell homes. And they do this through their own personal advertising, networking, skill, and creative advertising methods like the Internet, toll-free hotlines and fax marketing that give potential buyers 24-hour access to information about your home.

Don’t be concerned with traditional methods of advertising houses. Make sure your agent uses innovative, cutting edge methods that make your home stand out from the rest.

Question 14

“How else will the property be exposed to other agents?”

Exposure is the key to any home sale. In many cases your home will be sold because another agent knows a buyer who is looking for a home like yours.

Beyond simply listing your home in the MLS, your agent should be using a wide variety of techniques to let those other agents know about your home and keep them aware of it until it is sold.

Question 15

“Are you going to help me in staging my home?”

Preparing a property for sale, or “staging” it, is very important in maximizing the value and minimizing the time on the market.

If a prospective agent does not mention this aspect of the sale on his own during the listing presentation, he probably has no plan to offer this service to you.

Or he may be afraid of bringing it up for fear of offending you by telling you about negative aspects of your home that should be changed—or positives that need to be highlighted—to increase its appeal to potential buyers.

A confident and competent agent will find ways of broaching the subject and let you know of specific ideas—beyond baking bread and putting out fresh flowers for open houses—to make your home more salable.

Question 16

“What will you do to keep me informed?”

Do you want weekly, daily or hourly reports from your agent? Are you comfortable with letters, phone calls, or do you want to discuss matters in person?

Determine how much communication you want, then find an agent who will give you the attention and time you deserve.

Question 17

“What listing price do you recommend for my home and what is that price based on?”

Pricing your home is the most critical step to selling it, and you should choose a Realtor® who has the knowledge to price your home wisely.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

Don’t go with a “yes man” who will promise a high price in order to get your listing—your home may languish on the market.

Don’t let an agent talk you into an artificially low price designed simply to sell as fast as possible.

Do have each agent justify the price through comparable properties and facts about the market.

The selling price should attract prospective buyers to your home, get you top dollar in the current market and reflect the condition of your house.

Be realistic. A good Realtor® will be honest with you about the value of your home and have the cold, hard facts to justify that value—both to you and to prospective buyers.

Question 18

“Can you provide me with further resources that I may need?”

Most agents work with a team of professionals in many fields, including title, escrow, mortgage, home inspection, pest control, carpet cleaning, etc. While you are not obligated to work with an agent’s team, often you may find it is the optimum way to go.

The best agents have built strong relationships with their “teams,” and can often get expedient service or be able to “cash in a favor” for your transaction should a crunch or problem arise.

Question 19

“Can you give me some references from other clients you have worked with?”

Don’t be afraid to ask for references. This is not confidential information, even though many sellers would never think to ask for it.

Real estate transactions are a matter of public record, and if you want to take the time to go down to the courthouse, you could compile your own list.

However, any agent who provides good service and is proud of his or her work will be happy to provide references.

If possible, contact a few of these references directly. Check to see how well the situations described by these previous clients fit your situation, particularly if you have a complex transaction or special circumstance that requires specific expertise.

Question 20

“What does the listing agreement entail?”

Have the agent go over every detail of the listing agreement with you before you ever sign it.

This is a legally binding document and your agent should be open and up front with you about exactly what you’re signing.

Ask to know exactly what each portion means and be aware of what the contract will legally obligate you and the agent to do.

Question 21

“What are the beginning and expiration dates of the listing agreement?”

This information should be included on the agreement itself and, should a dispute arise later, could be crucial in determining commission payments.

Beware of agents who want you to agree to a very long listing period.

Unless they can provide compelling reasons why your sale should take longer, generally three months is a good amount of time for a listing agreement.

Also remember that the listing agreement is designed to protect not just you but the agent as well.

Good agents work hard for their commissions and deserve just as much open communication and straightforward dealings as you do.

Question 22

“What are the amount of brokerage fees I will be paying?”

The customary fee generally ranges between five and seven percent although brokerage fees are not fixed by law and are negotiable.

However, whether you pay a fee that is higher or lower, you generally get what you pay for.

Especially beware of agents who are willing up front to take a reduction in their commission. It may well mean that they never intend to spend much time, effort or money in selling your home to begin with.

Question 23

“What other fees or charges do need to be aware of?”

Title insurance, escrow charges, closing costs and prorated insurance, taxes, rent, home owner’s association dues, etc.—the individual circumstances of your transaction and the needs of your buyer will all impact your final financial obligation.

Be sure your agent goes over all the costs that may be incurred so that you’ll be prepared.

Question 24

“What disclosure laws or special zones apply to me and what do I need to provide?”

You and your agent will both need to provide specific disclosure forms regarding your transaction and your property. Also, if you live in an earthquake-, flood- or other disaster-prone area, special statements—or special study zones reports—may be required.

Your agent should be able to help you locate professional inspectors for the various mandatory home inspections.

Most agents will help you organize a home marketing file—including a property fact sheet, a property transfer disclosure statement, pest control report, applicable C.C. & R.s, applicable special study zones report, available soils or structural engineering report, property profile from the title company, applicable plans for alterations or additions, any home warranty plan offered and applicable special equipment report for pools, spas, sprinkler and alarm systems, etc.

Question 25

“What is a home protection plan and should consider purchasing one to facilitate my sale?”

There are many ways to enhance the salability of your home and sweeten the deal for prospective buyers. You may not need them, but you should know what they are and how they may or may not benefit you.

Question 26

“How will you determine the qualification of potential buyers?”

Ask what procedures the agent will use to make sure that you don’t waste any time dealing with dead-end offers or escrows that can’t be closed.

Question 27

“What happens if my home doesn’t sell in the allotted time or if I decide not to sell my home?”

Much of the answer to this question should be spelled out in the listing agreement. Make sure your agent goes over every part of it with you.

Be sure to find out whether your contract contains a “liquidated damages” clause.

These are designed to specify a dollar amount you would be liable for should you decide to take your house off the market before the expiration date of the agreement.

Question 28

“What’s the best way for me to get in touch with you?”

In this age of expanding technology and instant communication, most agents have pagers, voice mail and voice messaging services.

You should know exactly how to get through to your agent, his or her assistant, or a messaging service in case of an emergency 24 hours a day.

Your agent should not only provide you with prompt responses to your calls, but also should have a step-by-step plan regarding how he or she will keep you informed about the status of your home sale, including daily, weekly or monthly written reports on the actions that have been taken to sell your home and the resulting response from prospective buyers and other agents.

Question 29

“How would you like for me to give you feedback?”

As important as it is for your agent to keep you up to date, you should give regular feedback to your agent as to how satisfied you are with his or her service.

The best agent is one who makes it easy for you to communicate your satisfaction as well as the things you would like to see changed about the way he or she is handling your transaction.

Perhaps all you need is an explanation of why things are going the way they are or why your agent is handling things a certain way, but the more you can get all of these feelings out in the open, the better the two of you can communicate and work to change things if need be.

An organized professional will provide you with service questionnaires both at the beginning of the relationship so you can outline your expectations and at the end of the transaction so you can let him or her know how well those expectations were met, as well as regularly during the course of the sale so you can deal with any positives or negatives that occur along the way.

Sean L. Spencer, Realtor


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On My Own: Five Secrets to a Successful FSBO Home Sale

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In the United States approximately twenty percent of home sellers complete For Sale By Owner (FSBO) transactions. For many people the cost of a real estate agent could be money well spent elsewhere and to succeed in the FSBO market using all of the tools and resources available to you is essential. Knowledge, planning and a long-term vision can mean the difference between a smooth, profitable sale and a confusing, frustrating and even costly mess. There are five basic secrets to making a For Sale By Owner situation work for you so write these down, print them out, keep them in a safe place even if you won’t use them until later.

Secret Number One: See the Future

If you decide that selling FSBO is for you, make sure you plan to stick with it for at least three months. It is easy to get discouraged or frustrated in the first few weeks and the temptation to quit will rear its ugly head. Take a deep breath and remind yourself that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Marketing and sales is time consuming and takes work; be patient and your investment will pay off.

Secret Number Two: Know Your Local Area

Research and become familiar with your local market conditions. Having an understanding of what is hot and what is not will help you make important decisions that affect the sale of your home. Read the local real estate columns, visit local and national real estate web sites and review commentaries from experts in the industry, ask friends and colleagues to tell you about personal experiences and look carefully at other properties in your own neighborhood.

Secret Number Three: Appearances Matter

Clean up the yard, clean the carpets and update the fixtures. Make sure the house looks its very best and highlight the areas of the home that make the strongest impression. In today’s real estate market, homeowners who place a high value on neatness and cleanliness are generally rewarded with a quicker sell and a higher price. The time and money you spend will save you both in the long run.

Secret Number Four: Know the Law

Although homeowners can complete almost every aspect of a real estate sale alone, it is always safer to hire a real estate attorney to review the legality of your property transaction. In many states, by law, a real estate attorney is required. Every home sale is different and unique. Your sale may call for the skills of a professional and when it comes to your finances “better safe than sorry” is a good rule to follow

Secret Number Five: Creative Marketing

Most FSBO home sellers use traditional marketing items such as yard signs and web listings, but adding some spice to your marketing plan always works. Creativity in this area always benefits a seller. The faster you can reach your perfect buyer the faster you can complete a successful real estate sale. Imagine all the possible ways you are going to find them. Consider posting an ad in the local paper or hang flyers in public places. Network with neighbors and friends and ask them to send emails and mention your property to their friends and associates. Word of mouth can often pay off more quickly than you expect.

FSBO opportunities can give you more freedom and make you more profitable if you aren’t afraid to do the work. For entrepreneurs who long to learn, execute and succeed individually the first complete real estate sale is a thrill. The confidence you build will lead to future accomplishments and the knowledge you acquire can be carried with you. For more information about FSBO and property listings in the Atlanta metropolitan area please visit my web site at [].

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Source by Jared Erni

For Sale by Owner?

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The typical commission required by a realtor for selling a home will be around 6% depending upon which area of the country you live and the market trends. This can be a substantial sum of money that home owner’s may not want to part with. Some homeowners will attempt to sell their home on their own, but keep in mind that as much as 80% of homeowners end up listing their house with an agent after receiving little interest in the property. One of the main reasons for this is that realtor to realtor word of mouth is the best advertising out there to sell your home. Even if you successfully market your home, the buyer will more than likely have an agent to whom you will still need to pay a commission or finder’s fee. If you feel that FSBO is the method for you, take a moment to consider marketing strategies that may help facilitate the process.

Pricing your home accurately is the most important step in the process. If you overprice your home, you are doomed for failure. Check out the comparables in your neighborhood. Be sure to take into account any features these homes may have that yours does not. Look at square footage, lot size, and most importantly, the condition of your home compared to others. If the home down the street sells for $50,000 more than another, be sure to find out why, they may have invested in a high-end remodel that justifies the price. If your home is on the market for an extended period of time because it is overpriced, buyers may begin to suspect that there is something wrong with your home.

The Internet is a priceless marketing tool that any one attempting FSBO should utilize. There are many FSBO websites that offer assistance for free or for a nominal fee. Since the Internet offers access to your home remotely, you will need to make sure that the photos you use are well-done and look professional. Most buyers will not even bother looking at a home listing that does not have eye-catching photos. Make sure that your house is truly immaculate when these photos are taken. Trim the bushes, mow the lawn and clear up any untidiness. If a peeling front door is the only thing wrong with your house, the buyer will never know this because they will never come by to look at your home if the initial presentation is bad. First impressions absolutely count in real estate. Take photos of every room in your house and upload them. Make sure that you open windows, hide the clutter and highlight unique features such as a fireplace or built-in bookcases.

Be as descriptive as possible when listing your own home. Buyers are interested or they wouldn’t be looking so more information is better. Put up signs if possible. Advertise in every newspaper and real estate magazine that is reasonable. Send an e-flyer to real estate agents who represent your area and invite realtors for a tour of your home. It is much easier to market a home that they have seen. Make sure that your home may be easily accessed by realtors, if you put lots of restrictions on the access to your home, it will be prohibitive for a sale. Lastly, have open houses. Invite neighbors to the open house; they may have family that would like to live close by.

Selling your home can be a daunting experience. But if you are committed to a FSBO be prepared to do a lot of marketing on your own. Take advantage of every advertising outlet. If you are one of the lucky few who have success with this method, you will have saved yourself thousands in realtor commissions. Keep the market in mind though when considering this option. Selling your home in a timely manner when listed with a realtor may offset the value of saving a few dollars in commission.

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Sell House Now Tips and Information – Learn How to Sell a House Fast

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It is now doubt the real real estate market will slow down during the holiday season. This is good for realtors and real estate investors who have been working very hard to help clients buy and sell houses but not so good for buyers and sellers.

If you are in the market to buy a house, December and January can be a good time to pick up some great deals on a house because there are not many buyers. It can also cause an issue for home buyers because the number of available homes typically is lower during the holidays as home sellers don’t want to move during this time.

The cold weather also has an affect on the real estate market. The colder it is outside the less home buyers are out shopping for a great new home and the less number of open houses real estate agents hold. In months when the weather is warm the number of houses for sale increases and so does the number of sold homes each month.

Does this mean you should wait to sell your house until Spring? Well, if you can wait it might be a good idea too, but many home owners need to sell their house now. The truth is life happens and there are many reasons a home you expected to stay in for seven to ten years suddenly becomes a home that you can only stay in for two or three years.

Home owners who need to sell their house fast typically have one of the following reasons: foreclosure, job transfer, divorce, relocation, family illness, short sale, etc. There are many reasons home owners need to sell a home but if you are experiencing any of the above stated issues you are more likely to need to sell quick.

The problem with needing to sell a home fast in the current real estate market is many home owners do not have much equity so selling a house can be very difficult. If you owe more for your home mortgage than what your home is worth it can seem impossible to sell your home. The truth is you still have home selling options. You can have a professional realtor or investor complete a short sale, lease option your home until the market increase or you can rent your house until the market increases and sell then.

It is important that if you are wanting to sell a house you discuss all your options with a real estate professional. Real estate can be a tricky thing to handel especially when you have an emotional attachment to the home. Discussion all your options with someone who is an expert and does not have an emotional attachment can help ease the process of selling a home.

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4 Tips For Selling a Haunted House

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Stigmatized properties are those properties that have unfavorable conditions that make them less attractive for selling. Under this group are homes where murders or suicides are committed, where there are previous owners with serious medical conditions, or those homes believed to be haunted. What if your house happens to be haunted and you want to sell it? Do you think this is possible? Here are some tips to help you sell that ghost-inhabited house of yours.

Find special buyers for your special house

Stigmatized as it may be, but it is a special property too. Why? Because it can have a special market. True enough, there are buyers who will be interested in buying haunted houses. There are people who capitalize on haunted experiences for business. There are also organizations which buy stigmatized properties for their paranormal or parapsychological learnings.

Ahead of time, disclose the truth to all possible buyers

Haunted houses have such frightening reputations in neighborhoods and communities. They are usual topics of scare stories. If your house happens to be haunted and you’re selling it, it will be wiser if you’ll let buyers know that it is haunted. Even if you don’ disclose that fact, buyers will readily know from neighbors and other people because it is a common knowledge. Make potential buyers happy with your honesty.

Cleanse the house of negative spirits

There are individuals who have reputations of driving bad spirits away. They can be priests, spiritual persons, faith healers, or paranormal experts. Let any of these persons handle the task of cleansing your house. Let this activity be known to potential buyers. Raise buyer awareness by inviting other people when these activities are done.

Slash the price

Because the property is stigmatized, you have to consider that buyers will usually negotiate for lower prices. Thus, you really have to adjust your selling price into favorable ranges. With this, you are somehow making the house become favorable in at least one factor.

If despite following the above tips, you are still finding difficulty selling the haunted house in your ownership, then you can always tap the help of your local real estate agent.

Real estate agents have knowledge on stigmatized property laws in your state. They can help you disclose facts about the house you are selling. They can also help you in negotiating prices to interested parties as well as with the paperwork necessary to close the deal.

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Source by Desare A Kohn-Laski

How To Find a Real Estate Agent

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You may be of the opinion that you don’t need a real estate agent and that using one will add to the cost of buying your new home.

The fact is that a real estate agent’s fees are typically paid by the seller of the home. So, as a buyer, you can get the services of a professional real estate agent without having to directly pay for it. Please confirm this in any paperwork or contracts that a real estate agent may provide because policies vary greatly by state and company. Be sure to ask about fees when you interview agents.

Most of these agents may work with buyers and sellers but often they specialize in working with one or the other. Make sure the agent that you choose has experience working with buyers and with no down payment transactions.

Be careful if you are speaking with a real estate agent and they don’t seem to recognize terms like “Down Payment Assistance Program”.

Start making a list of possible real estate agents to interview with referrals from your lender, friends and family.

A referral from the lender is great because you get the services from people that have worked together in the past and are already familiar with each other’s systems. This can help prevent any last minute surprises or obstacles.

Questions to ask while you are interviewing an agent:

Please explain your fees.

Are you familiar with any no down payment financing programs?

Have you been involved with no down payment buyers in the past?

Would you mind providing sample contracts so I may review them?

Does it clearly state in the contract who will be paying your fees?

How long have you been a real estate agent?

Do you mostly work with buyers or sellers?

I’m looking for a home in the areas of ______. How familiar are you with those areas?

What specific steps would you take to help me find the home I am looking for?

You should also try to get an idea of these factors while you are speaking with the agent.

– Does this person have good negotiating skills?

– Do you feel this agent is trying to understand your situation so that they can properly represent you to sellers?

– How much knowledge does the agent have about mortgage markets?

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How to Sell Your Home Fast With Rent to Own!

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If you need to sell your home and need to sell it fast, you may consider selling with rent to own. There are many people out there who want to own a home but that do not presently qualify for a mortgage. If you are having a hard time selling you can take advantage of this wonderful ready-to-move group of people. It is as fast and easy as A-B-C. (Advertise, Barter, Contract)You sell your own home and the tenant buyer becomes a happy and quick home owner. Best of all, you can move on with your life!

A. Advertise to sell your home fast. Place an ad on a free web-site, like Craigslist, in a daily or weekly newspaper, or on local bulletin boards. Describe your home, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, extra features, why you bought it, general location, and any special features. Advertising tip: Lead off with Rent to Own, a sure attention getter. Also, add photo, it is worth a thousand words. Include your contact information, telephone number or email address.

B. Barter. You need to sell your home fast. So, be flexible with the renter/future owner. The tenant buyer is looking at your home to see if it meets his needs and if he would like to invest in it. You are investigating the renter to see if you want to sell your home to him on super fast, easy and agreeable terms. If you have confidence the renter will be able to hold up his end of the agreement, start the bartering process. To sell your home fast, you need your house payment made every month and may want a bit more for anything unexpected that comes up. A deposit is normal to show good intentions and to cover damages if the agreement does not work out. This can be from several hundred dollars to several thousand. The renter may need some time to pay the deposit in full, if it is a large amount. Be flexible, selling your home fast is the goal.

C. Contract. Once you sell your home, you need to document the agreement. You may want to pay an attorney to draft the contract or do it yourself. Many office supply stores have forms that cover the basics and blanks that can be filled in. Many forms are available on-line. Fill in the blanks and sign and date the agreement. Collect the money. Congratulations. You sold your home fast with rent to own!

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