Real Estate – How to Short Sell Your Home

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Short sales are made for people who are in danger of falling behind on their mortgage payments. It is a negotiation between the lender and the owner to sell the house for less than it is currently worth. While this can be an emotional process, it is one that can save your checkbook.

With today's housing market there are many people in debt that they can not control. Whether it's your fault or your lender's fault, you might just not be able to handle your mortgage anymore.

This is a sale that is negotiated with your bank or lender to dispose your home for less than your mortgage is worth to get the debt off of your hands. This benefits you because you will not have to worry about constantly falling behind anymore and it works for the bank because even though they're taking a small loss, they do not have to worry about non-payment.

Just because there are a lot of benefits though do not mean that your lender will jump at the opportunity. They do not want to lose money and you may have to be a little aggressive with them. Sometimes they will try to tell you no, but absolutely, they would rather do a short sale than have you foreclose because you can not make the payments. In order to be successful, you'll have to have a willing buyer.

Your lender will need proof of hardship in order to approve this. This is important because these are not for people just looking to get a bad investment off of their hands; It is only for people who are unable or in danger of being unable to make their mortgage payments.

The first step is to get an agent. An agent will better know how to negotiate a short sale and will be able to work on your behalf. This should not cost you much, as almost everything will be paid by your lender. The next step is to listen to the agent. He or she will give you specifics on how to get the house ready to be sold. He or she may set a low price, but this is to your advantage as you are more likely to get a buyer in a shorter amount of time.

Next, you will want to be prepared to move quickly. Begin slimming down your possessions. Doing a short sale is a good excuse to simplify your life a little.

After completing these steps, selling should be in process. It can be emotionally draining but extremely, it will save you from going further and further into debt. Before you buy again, make sure to assess what your assets are and what you can afford in order to avoid having to do another one.

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