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One thing that many FSBO sellers do not realize is the importance of realtors in their sale. Statistics show that most homes, FSBO or not are sold by a realtor. This does not mean that you have to list with one, but it would be a good idea to cultivate some relationships with them to help your home sell faster. Realtors have clients and that should be reason enough to contact them. It is hard to market a FSBO home on the same level that realtors can as they typically have a huge advertising budget and established web presence. However, by contacting a realtor you are immediately letting them and by association their fellow realtors and clients that your home is available and ready to sell!

When contacting a listing agent to discuss your home sale it is likely that will ask why you are selling yourself and will offer you their services. That is to be expected, so stick to your guns and you should be alright. What they will need is as much info about your home as possible so that they can relay that to clients who are searching in your price range. If you have ever seen a home flyer from a realtor, (you can find these on most "for sale" signs) try to create the same kind of thing. This will make the process of conveying information about the home much easier.

Another things that is important is to have a home evaluation or CMA performed by the proper people. This will give you a proper price for your home that is competitive with similar homes in your area. Be careful not to price yourself out of the market right at the beginning as overpriced homes can easily acquire negative press in the real estate community. This can cause your home to be overlooked without consideration and that is definitely a big concern.

When contacting realtors try to find the most popular listing agents in your area and do not limit yourself to just one. Making as many contacts as possible exponentially increases the access your home has to buyers. One of the most difficult aspects of FSBO sales is finding buyers so why not let a professional do it? You will still be saving a good sum of money and the chances of selling your home quickly will increase drastically.

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