Selling FSBO? Curb Appeal Will Sell It Faster

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You've decided to sell "FSBO", but have you done any home preparation before placing the ad. I am talking "curve appealing". If you can not get the buyer beyond the front yard, it is not going to sell as fast. To some people its' location, location, location. I say its' curve appeal.

Curb appeal is the difference in if it will sell in 3 weeks or 3 months. Usually, most owners can take a few weeks before putting up the ad and for sale sign, to get the curve appealing basics in place.

Curb appeal is like cash in the bank! It will not break you either and believe me it makes a difference. Recently, some buyer customers of mine bought in internet flyers for about 10 properties that were interested in. I made appointments with the sellers and on three of the properties, the buyers said they did not want to go inside after we arriced at the property. When I asked why, they said there was no curve attractive.

Here are some curve appeal basics:

1. Landscaping – This is usually just an investment in time and about $ 200 for beauty bark and flowers. Remove any dead plants, dig weeds, spread some beauty bark, and plant some inexpensive shrubery or flowers. Do not forget to mow the lawn on a regular basis and keep it green if it is the right time of year. Edging of the grass will make a difference when the buyers inspect a little closer. Zap the weeds in the cracks of the sidewalks and driveway. Some flower pots on the front porch will also give an added curve appealing benefit.

2. If feasible, give the home a fresh coat of paint. Do not forget to unclog the gutters as there is nothing worse than water overflowing from the gutters.

3. Make sure all outside lighting is in working order. Replace fixtures or bulbs as necessary. Keep the lighting on in the evenings, as you will get some drivebys.

4. Make sure all clutter is removed from the yard. Do not forget to educate your kids to keep their toys and bikes in the garage and not in the yard.

I once read in an article that the NAR (National Association of Realtors) reported that curb appealing was the main reason for 49% of the home sales.

Once you get your yard in order, step back in the street and give it a view. Also, approach it by auto and see how that looks. If everything looks in order, time to place that first ad and plant that sign.
Remember, curve attractive sells houses!

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