Selling Real Estate by Owner

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You most likely rented here because you desire to sell your home as a by owner seller. The success rates of by owner sellers of real estate vary greatly. You often hear that only a very small percentage of FSBO (For Sale By Owner) sellers succeeded in selling their real estate.

Well that may be true to a point but it does not have to be the case. The fact is any FSBO seller can have success with the correct knowledge and a game plan. Therefore the seller who takes action andathers knowledge will always get better results in any real estate market. You must also remember that it is just as difficult for real estate brokers in a slow market.

There are many action steps required to sell a home and here is a small list.

– Get a yard sign and put a phone number along with a website address on the sign.

– Set-up a free website and you can find many sources for this online.

– De-clutter and stage your home prior to taking photos.

– Print property information flyers with photos.

– Prepare to hold an open house

– Clean and maintain landscaping.

– Determine who your competition is in your area in order to determine the correct price.

– Consider a marketing budget for advertising locally.

– Contact an attorney to prepare your deed and review contracts.

– The key is to be prepared from beginning to end.

All For Sale By Owner sellers should understand that selling a home is a serious event and requires attention to detail. There is potential for a large savings on the commission typically paid to a real estate firm. Therefore the person deciding to sell by owner needs to treat this decision like a job.

Remember that the World Wide Web can provide an abundance of resources for any seller to use when selling a home. You can use any number of tools and resources but the more the better your chances are for that sale. Just remember there is no such thing as just placing a sign in the yard and getting the desired result. Selling a home by owner requires ACTION, ACTION, and more ACTION. Your actions will lead to exposure and exposure is what sells sells homes.

With 80-85 percent of all buyers and sellers starting their searches online. I expect to see a large number of people looking to sell by owner in our slowing economy and the years ahead.

GOOD LUCK! To all by owner sellers …

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