Selling Your Own Home – Get Out of Your House Now!

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Selling your own home can be a nerve-wracking experience but very rewarding also. Besides saving in realtor missions, it can be a great feeling to prepare, market and sell your own home. Selling your own home is not easy – there is a reason why realtors get that commission. In order to be successful you will have a lot of work to do, but it can be done.

Think about the type of person you will be selling your own home to and market to that type. If you're moving up and your current house is a nice starter house be sure to emphasize that. If it would be a great house for a family with school-age children make sure all the surrounding schools know that the house is for sale. In fact, tell everyone you come across that you have a house for sale. It's amazing how many people can find out about it by word of mouth.

Be objective and try to detach yourself emotionally from selling your own home. You want prospective buyers to feel your enthusiasm and that they are getting a great deal but you want to be able to hand over the keys when it's time.

Price your house correctly. Check comparable lists and make sure you are priced to sell. You do not have to have the lowest priced house in the area but if it is higher than most, you must be prepared to show that it's worth it.

When showing the house, keep in mind that 'presentation is everything'. Your house needs to be in tip top shape. Remove all clutter from the countertops when showing and making sure the pets are gone, as well as the odor. If there is a lot of competition in your neighborhood, you need to make sure your house is the best. Replace carpet and paint the walls to make your house a step above the rest.

Selling your own home may get a little confusing when offers start coming in. Try to find a real estate lawyer that you can go to with offers and any paperwork that needs to be looked over. Help your prospective buyers out by having a mortgage broker and title company ready for them.

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