Short Sales – They May Be Your Answer If You Are Facing Foreclosure

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Are you facing a home foreclosure? Has your financial hardship landed you in a position that may cause you to lose your home? Well then, a short sale may be the answer. Selling your home by doing what is referred to as "short sale", by which the lender agreements to accept less then what is owed, may be just what you need to get on the road to recovery.

Short sales essentially tell the bank that you have a purchaser that has agreed to purchase you home for less then what the current outstanding mortgage balance. Lenders lose money by doing this, however the short sale is a decision that they must agree too.

Some lenders will be very open-minded to a short sale lawyer's fess, court costs and the likelihood of a bankruptcy, on your part, in the future. Ultimately, foreclosures cost lenders tens of thousands of dollars, losses that are certainly a loss in the event that you file a bankruptcy. Eviction costs, administration and sale of your home these too are factors that lenders take into account while consider the short sale offer.

A short sale offer that is as close to the actual market value as possible will more likely be your best approach to getting the bank to consider this option. If the offer is considerably less then the market value, you will need to convince the lender that the offer on the table is in their best interest, and to move forward with the short sale of your property. Keep in mind that mortgage companies are in the business of lending, not property management.

Some ways to persuade the lender to consider the short sale are to convince them that there is a wide range of repairs required on the property, the local economy for housing and employment is in distress, or any other persuasive explanation why they should agree to the short sale.

This type of sale is preferred over a foreclosure with the later; your credit will be negatively affected which will require a great deal of time and effort to repair. Short sales allow you to repair a damaged credit history faster so that you can get back in the housing market faster, once your financial position is recovered.

These sales are a radical solution to your financial problems, however you can convince the lender that you are unfortunately in the returns on your payments and you have no viable way to resolve the default amount, or the future payments on the mortgage then you are a prime candidate for a short sale.

The foreclosure process is very expensive, and can be very complicated. Lenders sometimes would rather avoid having to complete the foreclosure process, and avoid getting the home back as an REO, otherwise known as a "Real-Estate Owned" property.

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