Short Sales – Use the Market to Your Advantage

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If you have been considering the real estate market, I’m sure you have seen that many of the homes up for sale are listed as short sale. Purchasing a home for less than what is owed on the home is called a “short sale.” In the present real estate market, there are many short sale options open to a prospective home owner. Adjustable rate mortgages and less favorable economic times have triggered higher than normal foreclosure rates. If you are looking to purchase a home, this is the perfect time to exploit the market to your own benefit. With some thorough investigation and an open mind, you may find the home of your dreams at a rock-bottom price.

Locating a Short Sale Quickly

To initiate the short sale process, interview real estate agents. Many real estate agents already are knowledgeable in dealing with properties that are short sales. Listing agents often have pre-existing relationship with the bank that is carrying the mortgage. You want to find a realtor that has expertise and knowledge on how to get a property that is a good value. Once you settle on a realtor, let him or her know upfront that you are looking for a short sale property. This will help the real estate agent find an ideal property more quickly.

Short Sales are Often Bargains

A short sale will often be offered at a good price to the buyer because the bank does not want to have their assets at risk in the property. The lender is in jeopardy of losing a considerable amount of money in a foreclosure proceeding. The listing price is minimal and so you will not have to attempt bargaining with a seller over the price. The lender wants the property sold as quickly as possible to keep from losing any more money.

Things to Anticipate When Buying a Short Sale Property

The process of buying a property in a short sale is not the same as purchasing a home from an individual because you dealing with an institution rather than a person. Once the bank accepts your offer, the title company working with the bank will process all of the title and escrow particulars of the purchase agreement. With a short sale, as a buyer you have to proceed swiftly. The title company and the lender may not act as quickly owing to the large amount of paperwork involved in selling a property in this manner.

To accelerate the process of buying a home in a short sale, get all of the requested documentation in as quickly as you can. Typically there is a month or so before your closing date but that does not mean that nothing is happening. There is a lengthy behind the scenes process involved in the mortgage paperwork and the transfer of the property. Keep in touch with your lender and realize that you are dealing with a corporation and not an individual so the process will be a little different. The time waiting for the closing will slide by, and you will be in a great new home.

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