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When deciding between using a Realtor® or trying to sell your home on your own, be sure to carefully weigh the pros and cons so that you make the right decision for your situation. Here is a list of top reasons why most people should use a Realtor®:

  1. Getting the best sale or purchase price for a home. A Realtor® has an extensive market knowledge. As a result of their access to the most recent market data a Realtor® will give you advice on realistic purchase comparisons and listing prices. A Realtor® has access to all the homes for sale in an area, they also have access to the historical data in that area. So before you buy or sell, ask your Realtor® to provide a comparable homes analysis report, this will ensure that you are getting the most for your money.
  2. Negotiating the sales price of a home. One of the most difficult steps in buying or selling a home, is handling the negotiations. A Realtor® can help with these negotiations. A Realtor® can help you create the best offer for a home and you end up with a deal that has your best interests in mind.
  3. Showing Homes, a Realtor® will coordinate the scheduling and the showings of the homes for their client. Whether you're buying or selling, a Realtors® can save you time and effort. If you are selling them can make sure the home is scheduled for open house activities. When you are buying a home they can do the hard work of tracking down other Realtors® and schedule shows for properties you have selected. A Realtor® will be there for you when a last-minute showing comes up in the middle of the day or when you need to schedule an appointment on a Saturday or Sunday.
  4. Marketing your home. Today, prospective buyers and sellers want and expect professional photos and videos to accompany listing. Let the Realtor® handle marketing your home across various media. A big advantage of having a Realtor® is their ability to screen candidates, saving you time and effort.
  5. Finding and selling homes. When looking for a new home, Realtors® have access to the latest listings, sometimes even before they hit the market. A Realtor® can review the seller's situation and provide advice on your offer and on how to negotiate the best price. When selling, a home a Realtors® can leverage their networks in order to sell your home more aggressively to other Realtors®.
  6. Negotiating the changes after the inspections. If you're planning on buying a home, your inspector will find things that need to be fixed before closing. Your Realtor® will help you understand the inspection report and help you understand which items should be fixed prior to closing. If you are selling a home, your Realtor® will work with you to review the changes requested by the buyer from the home inspection and will help you understand which fixes must be completed before closing.
  7. Other services for your home. During the buying or selling process, you may need to hire additional professional services, including: inspectors, lawyers, moving companies, plumbers, title companies and more. Let your Realtor® provide you with multiple trusted options, this way you can select the vendor that you feel will do the best job for you.
  8. Closing your home. Your Realtor® is an extremely valuable resource during the closing process. Prior to closing the Realtor® will review the final closing financial statements to make sure that both the seller and buyer only pay what is required. Then at the closing table the Realtor® will be right there with you, just in case you have a question they can answer before you sign.
  9. After closing your home. It does not stop there your Realtor® will be there to answer any follow-up questions you my have.

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