Staging Your Home Guide – Bathrooms!

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When staging your home, your small room may very well be your most important. You have certainly heard the statement "kitchens and baths sell homes." Sometimes a more accurate statement would be "horrible kitchens and baths prevent homes from selling." So, let's take a look at how to be sure you are not stopping a potential sale in it's tracks.

No matter what else you do, the following is a list of musts for every single bathroom when staging your home.

– Everything must be in good working order.
– It must be clean. Not just tidy, spotless.
– No one wants to see your personal items.
– No one wants to see your trash.
– Any mildew must be eliminated.
– Grout and caulking MUST be pristine. Replace them if they are no longer "cleanable".
– It must not smell. Not of body odors, and not of damp or mildew. You can not mask these odors, they must be eliminated.
– You are selling a vision – think spa, think new, think hotel room. Try to give the impression that the bathroom is not being used.

Staging Your Bathroom – The Big Picture

Like all the rooms in your home, when staging, you should be chasing for neutral colors. Repainting is always a good place to start, it is reliably easy and inexpensive. Contrary to popular belief, neutral does not mean white. Beiges, tans, greens, blues all have neutral shades and can add interest to a room that very often contains a lot of white to begin with. Stick with colors that compliment your tile.

This brings us to the topic of tile. If your tile is in bad repair, fix or replace it. If your tile is extremely dated, or taste specific – wherever possible – replace it. If you can not afford to replace it, try to tone it down by using all neutrals for your other decorative items, paint and linens. If it is really old, you may be able to sell it as retro. Walk carefully here, this is a tough one to sell if you are not very skilled at interior design.

Staging Your Bathroom – Porcelain Products

  1. As indicated in rule one above, all items must work perfectly. Hot water should be hot, and toilet should flush easily. If not, repair or replace them immediately.
  2. * Note: Even if one is required on occasion, DO NOT leave a plunger next to your toilet. Nothing says "I am flawed" more clearly than that!
  3. If your toilet / tub / sinks are dated, they will make the entire room feel old and grimi.
  4. White is neutral and desirable when it comes to these items. Avocado green toilets or tubs scream, "I have been here twenty years". You may not directly get the money back that you invest in these items. But, since it could prevent the sale of your home, the extra months' mortgage you will not pay as your home sets on the market will make it worth the investment.

Staging Your Bathroom – Finishes

When staging your home, what do we mean by the terms "finishes" you may ask. This term primarily refers to all the metal surfaces in your bathroom. This is perhaps the single easiest thing you can do to really make your bathroom look new and updated.

  1. The number one rule here is that no matter what the actual finish is all of the items MUST MATCH! So, pick one, and stick with it.
  2. The number two rule here – gold tone or brass is dated. I am not going to spare your feelings, even if you like and it is in good repair – if it is gold toned, do yourself a favor and change it all out!

When considering your room, look at the following:

  • Faucets
  • Shower head
  • Shower curtain rod or doors
  • Towel bars
  • Hooks
  • Toilet paper holder
  • Lighting
  • Knobs and handles

There are many finishes available, but the easiest and most modern choices are a standard chrome or a brushed nickel. If you pick chrome, remember it must sparkle to impress. Brushed nickel is easier to keep looking nice (it does not show fingerprints), and is popular with younger buyers. Both finishes are readily available at your local home improvement store, and are affordable.

If you have a more traditional or classic bathroom – dark bronze fixtures may be appropriate. Do be careful with this choice, however, as it can be more taste specific. Also, this finish also offers to be more expensive.

On a final note here, be sure that you are choosing matching shapes and styles. It will look odd if you have a traditional goose-neck style faucet, but extremely modern towel bars. Whenever possible, buy things in sets that match exactly.

Staging Your Bathroom – Linens

  1. You are probably best off using a set of linens solely for staging. You would be surprised at how often a potential buyer will touch your towels when in your bathroom, nothing is more than a turn off than feeling a damp towel!
  2. White matches almost any décor, and leaves no question as to its cleanliness.
  3. If you have space, a basket or stack of rolled towels offers a luxurious spa like feel.
  4. Consider having a small hand towel or a stack of simple paper guest towels placed next to the sink. This is easier to change out frequently, and remember, your potential buyer may actually use the facilities while touring your home.

Staging Your Bathroom – Personal Items

Since your desire to keep the bathroom looking spotless and pristine when staging your home, you also need to use it. So, how to deal with a used toothbrush, and your grubby bar of soap? Remember, your potential buyers WILL OPEN DRAWERS AND CABINETS, so you can not just throw everything in. Here is what you do:

  • Get a bin or basket, and place your daily necessities in it. Make room for it under the sink and pull it out when you need it, put it back when you are done. This includes things such as; toothbrush, mouth wash, face wash, etc.
  • If you have a medicine cabinet (yes, they will open this too), get rid of anything that is old and un-necessary. For the things you are using today, be sure they are clean – no toothpaste oozing everywhere, or leaking bottles. Turn prescription labels around so they do not face out. Be safe, and tuck away items that should not fall into other hands.
  • Put "embarrassing" necessary items, such as feminine hygiene products, into closed bins or baskets, and tuck them in a cabinet, or use a decorative box or basket and hide them in plain sight.
  • Empty your trash every single day.

In the end, staging your home must include your bathroom. When done properly, you will give the impression of a newer bathroom, with only cosmetic changes and good cleaning skills.

We wish you the best of luck staging your home!

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