Staging Your Home with House Plants

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So, you’ve decided to put your home on the market and it’s all cleaned, organized, and repainted but seems to be missing something. Take a look around and notice how much greenery you have living in your home. Healthy houseplants can add a lot of appeal to your home, as well as other benefits to you and your family.

What types of house plant to use will depend on the area of your home that you’re going to use them in and the level of green thumb that you possess. For large rooms you may want to opt for a large plant like a philodendron or ficus to keep with the scale of the room. For smaller rooms keep small plants so that they don’t distract prospective buyers from the room. Avoid scattering a lot of small plants over your rooms however, as it will just look like clutter; group them into a cohesive display. Use plants that can survive a bit of neglect if you’re not in possession of much in the way of horticultural skills; plants that are doing poorly are not going to help with the image you want to convey.

The species of house plants to purchase or borrow for your home will also depend on how much light each room gets. Sun loving plants will not tolerate shady areas well and vice versa. For any rooms that you think lack of light may be an issue, look into using silk plants instead. If you have children or pets, keep in mind that some plants are quite toxic and may be better avoided.

House plants have other benefits besides just making your home look desirable. Thanks to NASA studies on air quality, we know that plants can be instrumental in air purification, filtering out such toxins as formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide. Some of the best plants for this job are ones that are rather easy to grow like philodendrons, peace lily, golden porthos, and spider plants. With the concern these days about volatile organic compounds, it seems more than ever that plants are an essential addition to every home.

A home with creative touches of living greenery will look more appealing to most people than rooms just full of furniture. Plants soften the atmosphere inside your home and add a feeling of friendliness and warmth. Consider using plants in your home staging as well as in your everyday living to enjoy all the benefits that they can offer you.

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