Success with Listings: How to Find, Secure and Sell More Listings

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On the day it was released, Success with Listings debuted on Amazon as The #1 Bestseller in the Real Estate category!

Knolly is a Trainer and National Speaker, and has been featured on ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, Newsweek and in over 300 newspapers worldwide.

Since he obtained his license, Knolly’s focus has been on LISTINGS, and he took 21 listings during his first 74 days in the business. Knolly went on to take more than 1000 listings during his first 10 years as an agent, placing him in the Top 1% of REALTORS in America .

In Success with Listings, Knolly Williams articulates the real estate listings process in a format that is easy to understand and implement. This book will serve as your complete guide and Success Manual for your entire listings career.

It’s a massive book, no doubt. 430 pages! (most real estate title hover around 150 pages)

But don’t let the large size intimidate you. The book was written as a step-by-step TEXTBOOK AND reference guide to assist you and your team throughout your entire real estate career.

Master the system that will allow you to find, list and sell more listings than ever before.

With Success with Listings you will learn:

  • How to take NIGHTS and WEEKENDS OFF so you can spend more time with your family
  • How to consistently earn $250,000 or more a year
  • The systematic approach that Knolly used to list more than 1000 houses
  • How to list and close 6-10 listings or more a month
  • How to take 4-5 vacations a year without any impact on your business
  • How to cut hours, days and weeks off the listing process
  • The right scripts and strategies to use on every listing
  • How to generate a non-stop supply of seller listing leads
  • How to build your own Top Listing Team

PLUS: Contains more than 95 Scripts!

This book is a MUST HAVE!

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