The Absolute Fastest Way to Sell Your House!

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If you want to sell your house then you have to make your house stand out among all the others in your neighborhood.

The National Association of Realtors reports that the 2008 home sales have not been this low since 2002. So in order to sell your home you need to do things different than the way things have been done in the past.

Price, you will have to be flexible on your price. The most important thing about selling your house is to get the price right! If you price is better than the guy down the street and the houses look about the same then you win!

Spend some time picking the right realtor. Ask around and see what people are saying about their broker. Pick a broker who is number one in sales, not necessarily in listing properties.

Let the realtor tell you what needs to be done to get your house ready for showing to buyers. Decide how much you can spend and ask the realtor if you only had this much money what needs to be done first.

Ask the realtor how he will market your property? The sign just will not be enough anymore. Make the marketing part of your contract.

Stage your home meaning that you paint and clean. Move out some furniture if a room is crowded. Shampoo carpets and polish the silver.

Drive up to your house and think about what you could do to bring those buyers inside.

Be ready the show the property anytime. Makes it tough to live in it while selling, but you want that sale and it will be worth it.

You might want to make things a little more appealing by including the big screen television in the den, or maybe patio furniture. Make that deal even better for that buyer.

If you are in a real hurry to sell then you could consider these companies that will buy your house as is. This will save you money by not having to fix up the house, giving someone a television set, buying paint and flowers, and even paying a brokerage fee.

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