The Truth About FSBO Websites

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The internet is a confusing place. There are literally hundreds of FSBO web sites and new ones seemingly popping up each day. We have made our share of mistakes in poor choosing ineffective FSBO web sites to advertise our properties and hope to prevent other in making the same mistakes we did.

What do FSBO web sites do?

The concept behind FSBO is multiple listings of many properties for sale by private owners. Some FSBO web sites are free and others charge a flat fee amount for a listing. They generally limit the number of pictures you can display (4-8) and give you a page to describe the features of your home. We recommend that sellers have their own dedicated web site so your house is not competitive with hundreds of other homes. Many FSBO sites also offer the option of a sign to assist you in advertising your home locally. Of course this also serves to advertise their FSBO web site which is a win for both parties.

From the myriad of FSBO web sites available it is difficult to determine which ones, if any, are suitable for your home. Many will give exaggerated claims of millions of visitors, however on the internet 10 quality targeted visitors are worth more than a million untargeted ones.

If you are interested in advertising on a FSBO web site contact them and find out what they do to advertise their site. Some promote their sites by listing on internet search engines, buying keyword traffic and others also use traditional billboard and newspapers advertisements to promote. The more marketing they do the better your chances are for finding a buyer through their service.

We have tried different FSBO web sites with varying success. Some while having lots of internet visitors have so many listings that your house gets lost in the sea of ​​unending homes. Conversely others do not get enough traffic to warrant the pricing for a listing. In our free fsbo guide we list multiple free or low cost FSBO web sites, and other marketing venues that were extremely effective for us. We will also show you how one free ad on one little known web site sold our house in two weeks and saved us over $ 8,000 in commission.

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