What To Highlight When Selling Real Estate

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Want to sell a home fast? Mentioning the items that are current trends like its subway tiles or barn doors could help make that happen. Which keywords you use to highlight your property for sale can be the key to selling faster, an average of two months faster, and selling for up to 13 percent higher than the listing price. Words like new carpets won`t do you any good to achieve your goal. When choosing words to describe your home, you should use this opportunity to choose wisely and use words that will highlight any specific details and finishes that may not be visible from the photos attached to the description. The words you use are also giving away hints about the general design and style of your home. Words like craftsman-style home and amenities are something that are well appreciated by today`s buyers, and if your home has that feel free to flaunt them. Also if in the description of your property you highlight that your home has subway tiles and Shaker cabinets, which are becoming very popular with buyers, they may also signal that your home also has other highly appreciated features like open floor design and spacious and well thought out kitchen.

But this doesn`t mean that if your home does not have any of these features that you should start ripping things apart and installing new floors just because they are trendy and may go well with some buyers. These features are appealing, but they may not be the entire reason someone wants to buy the house and may not make a lot of sense to renovate and install them. They simply aren`t justified of cost and time spent upgrading. Instead of doing an expensive renovating, look for some cost effective updates that will refresh the look of your home and will help attract buyers who can envision themselves living in that space. Simple things like adding a tile splash guard to the kitchen, adding suspended and energy efficient lighting, covering the outdated colour with new and trendy colours like something in the grey shade spectrum will give your home a facelift that will help you sell faster.

Other things that you can do in the advert is to point out the parking. This feature is high on the list of almost any buyer. If your home has a private garage or sufficient on-street parking area, be sure to emphasize these characteristics in the description.

Outside space, whether it is a landscaped garden or a balcony, is a feature that goes a long way with buyers who are looking for an outdoor area to relax in. Neighbourhood is very important, and if your home has characteristics that a family might be interested in, you will score more points if you mention that the property is near schools, supermarkets or hospital. If on the other hand your home might attract young professionals and couples, highlight areas of interest to them like bars, gyms and transport links.

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