Why Use a Buyer's Agent?

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When selling a home, most people will engage the services of a real estate agent to help them. But do you need an agent when purchasing a home as well? The answer is a resounding YES, especially if you are a first time buyer. Here are just a few ways that realtor can help you with one of the most important purchases of your life:

1) Realtors know the process – buying a home is more than just finding what you want; an agent will take you step by step through the entire process: from getting pre-approved at your financial institution to getting an inspection, to picking up your keys on closing day. A realtor will be able to anticipate any bumps along the way and smooth the way to a successful closing.

2) Realtors are negotiating power-houses – an important part of their job is to negotiate the best price they can for you and make sure you do not pay a penny more than you should. Just because a seller is asking a certain price, does not mean you have to pay it.

3) Realtors know the contracts – they will go over all the clauses in the contract and explain exactly what you are signing and why. If you do not understand something, a realtor will explain it until you do.

4) Realtors know the neighborhoods – you may find that perfect house, but if it is in a high crime neighborhood, next to a crack house or was the site of a mass murder, your realtor will know.

5) Realtors work in your best interest – When you sign a buyer's agreement with a realtor, they work for you getting you the best price for your dream home.

6) MLS – realtors will be able to tell you as soon as a home comes on the market that is within your specifications. The website that the general public has access to is a few days behind what the realtors have access to. You can receive hot new listings every day before everyone else does. This can give you a significant advantage over other buyers.

7) You do not pay them a cent- realtors are generally paid from the seller, so there is nothing out of pocket for you as the buyer – how cool is that?

8) They are your co-ordinators- once you put an offer on a home, they will act as your relationship with your financial institution, your lawyer, and your home inspector. They will make sure that everyone has what they need in order to complete their part of the transaction. They do not stop working until you are moved in to your new home and are satisfied that everything is as it should be.

Having a real estate agent by your side has many benefits and they will ensure that you have a smooth, safe, pleasant experience when buying your next home. Do not be afraid to hire an agent when buying a home; it is just as important to have a buyer's agent on your side as it is when selling.

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