Why Use a Realtor?

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I hear from a lot of people we work with that they initially did not want to deal with Realtors when purchasing a property because they can sometimes be pushy or just a pain to deal with. This can be true, as it would be with any position that is involved in sales transactions, but if you find the right Realtor to represent you, then they can be an indispensable consultant and guide through the purchase transaction.

For one, a good Realtor has the experience and understanding of the real estate market beyond what you can pick up in 1 month of looking alone. Personally, I would never buy in another city without employing a local Realtor. Sure I could save a little bit of money, but I could loose a whole lot more money by buying an over-priced house in the worst part of town. Every city and even every neighborhood has different advantages and disadvantages, and it is important to have a guide who can help you understand all these points.

A good Realtor has the knowledge and skills to guide a buyer into the right neighborhood. Taking into account price, location, and style, it is quite the balancing act to determine where someone will be happy living. Before becoming a Realtor, I only really knew the couple neighborhoods I had lived in. After driving around for thousands and thousands of hours and looking at all kinds of homes, you definitely get a sense of what is available in each neighborhood. This is the kind of experience that a Realtor can provide. In addition, Realtors have the hands-on, or maybe ears-on, knowledge of what are the most desirable areas and trends in the real estate market from being in the car for thousands and thousands of hours with clients and listening to what they are Looking for.

A good Realtor also has the professional experience to handle all the aspects of an offer, negotiating, and closing process. There's more to offers than just a piece of paper with some signatures. A Realtor has an understanding of what is a typical and atypical offer and hence, can guide you through what sales price, option period days, closing date, and the myriad of other options would be appropriate. And most importantly, a Realtor will negotiate on your behalf to get you the best deal. It is so much simpler to have someone with experience to do all this for you rather than guess if your requests are reasonable. And finally, a Realtor will guide you through the closing process with all kinds of help like referrals to good inspectors and lenders as well as making sure the process goes as smooth as possible without any worries from the Buyer.

Purchasing a home is most Americans' primary investment. When making any other investment, it makes sense to consult with an expert, so why go at it alone? Find a good Realtor who fits with your values ​​and has the right experience to help you.

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