Why You Should Sell Your House By-Owner

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Selling your house by-owner is the best way to go considering real estate market. Home prices are declining. People are buying less homes. The real estate market is going into a free-fall right now. If you do not try to sell your house now, the value will keep going down which will put you in a worse situation in as little as a day or two. The buyer for you home today might not be there tomorrow.

Real estate agents are desperate to sell homes because they are going broke too. They are desperate for you to sign on to their services. All a real estate agent does is list your home on the MLS and wait for another real estate agent to find your home and show it. There is little chance you will get many offers on your home this way.

You should always try to sell your home by-owner because it saves you at least 6% of what the value of your home could sell for. Save the equity you still have left in your home. Equity is the value of the home which is above the mortgage amount. Six% of what your home is worth in your pocket at the end of closing could give you the power to let you get a traditional loan on a new home. Six percent on a $ 200,000 home is $ 12,000 dollars. Would not you rather keep that in your pocket at the end of the deal than hand it over to a real estate agent. $ 12,000 is a good start to 20% down on a traditional mortgage. If you have a traditional mortgage you will never have to worry about having your rates raised.

If you are facing foreclosure, sell your home buy owner. If you have a sub-prime loan and are scared of going into foreclosure, this is your best option. It is the easiest way to sell it fast and save money at the same time. There are many options for you with the Internet at your fingertips.

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